Wine enthusiast ? 5 tips on how to prolong your wine chiller lifespan

By Fixwerks | April 7, 2017

1. Arrangement of bottles

You have just purchased your new wine chiller and cannot wait to load it up with your favourite merlot or chardonnay. Before you place anything inside, always read the instruction manual for the best way to arrange the bottles in your chiller. Placing boxes or other large items in the chiller are not recommended as they may block the thermostat or internal fans. This may lead to complications causing your wine chiller to break down.

2. Check door seals

Over time, door seals tend to harden causing a gap between the door and chiller. This allows hot air to enter the wine chiller causing the compressor to overwork. In extreme cases, ice starts to form due to condensation and ultimately, the compressor will fail leading to costly repairs.

Tip: Ensure door is closed tightly and check the door seals by shining a torchlight around the door and observing if any light passes through. If light passes through, contact a technician to replace or repair the gasket as soon as possible.

3. Placing chiller at right location

Wine chillers are designed as freestanding or built-in. A space that is inadequate for a wine chiller can shorten its lifespan. Before your purchase, consider an appropriate space for the wine chiller.

1) For freestanding chillers, ensure sufficient space of at least 50mm at all sides for adequate cooling of condenser coils. Insufficient cooling leads to compressor failure which is costly to repair.

2) For built-in chillers, ensure the recess is sufficient and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Heat is expelled through vents at the bottom hence leave sufficient space and do not block these vents.

4. Maintenance

Like all refrigeration systems, a wine chiller works the same way as your air conditioner. Dust and debris can impede airflow to the condenser causing the chiller to have lower efficiency which in turn affects cooling.

Cleaning the internal and external fans every 6 months help prolong compressor life.

Using a hard brush, clear dust particles on the fan. Vacuum the compressor area to ensure it is free of any dirt or debris. Wipe down with a damp cloth.

5. Cleaning Internally

Wine chillers are normally set at temperatures between 8-14 degrees. Mould and microorganisms collect and multiply on the inner casings due to the damp and dark environment.

Once a year, remove all bottles and shelves to do a thorough cleaning of the inner cabinet using vinegar and water solution. Dry all items with a cloth before assembling back the shelves and bottles.

Wine chillers are expensive but with the correct maintenance and tips mentioned above their lifespan can be prolonged to last a good 10 years.

For professional maintenance as well as diagnostic for your wine chiller, contact Fixwerks to engage their service engineers.


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