Reasons Why Your Aircon is Leaking Water With Solutions

An aircon is great for keeping us cool and comfortable amidst Singapore’s humid weather. However, when this appliance starts leaking or dripping water, it can cause horrible stains on our walls and ceilings.

Check out this article for some of the causes of a leaking aircon and learn how to fix and prevent a leak from occurring!

Experts Explain How to Detect a Gas Stove Leak and Methods to Prevent It

When properly installed, a gas stove is easy and convenient to use. However, it’s prone to gas leaks which can cause negative reactions in humans and pets. Furthermore, leaving a gas leak untreated increases the risk of an explosion.
In this article, learn how to detect a gas leak from experts and methods used to prevent one.

Buying a Dryer in Singapore Guide

Just bought a new home and thinking if a dryer should be part of your appliance shopping list?
Each brand and model has its own unique feature and you will need to decide on your budget and needs to purchase a suitable dryer for yourself.
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Possible Causes : Oven Not Hot

Are your cooking plans ruined because your oven is not heating properly?
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The Oven Is Too Hot Problem

Does your oven cause your food to burn on the outside before becoming cooked through?
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How long do home appliances usually last?

Repairing home appliances can be costly and troublesome. In this guide, we share the average lifespan of some common appliances and some useful tips to help prolong their lifespan.