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Air-con is one of the most essential appliances in this warm and humid country. Most people switch on their air-cons daily and without proper servicing and maintenance, it will just be a matter of time before this hardworking appliance breaks down.

  • Air-con repairs are one of the most common appliance repairs. Like all other household appliances, the performance of the air-con will deteriorate over time and regular servicing and maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the air-con. Is your aircon leaking or does your aircon needs servicing? Fixwerks repairs all types of aircons quickly and effectively. Feel free to call us to fix an appointment. Call us at 6765 8890.

  • Types of Air-con Repair

    There are many reasons that lead to an air-con breakdown. Whether it is an air-con leaking or simply not cold enough, our service engineers are able to resolve your problems professionally. Here are some common air-con repairs in Singapore.


Aircon Leaking

Air-con leaking is a very common issue that many have encountered if the air-con is not serviced and maintained regularly. A choked drain line is the perfect example of an air-con not serviced and maintained regularly. Over time, the condensate drain may be partially or fully choked with dirt, rust, algae, and other debris. This will cause the water to overflow and result in a leak.

Similar to a choked drain line, a dirty air filter is evidence of poor servicing and maintenance. The dirty air filter will restrict the air flow in the evaporator coil thus causing it to freeze up. When the ice on the evaporator melts, it causes the drain pan to overflow which results in a leak.

Over time, the condensate drain pan may corrode and crack. Water will be able to seep through the cracks which results in the air-con leaking.

Another cause of air-con leaking is low refrigerant in the system. This will cause low pressure in the air-con system which results in the evaporator coils freezing. The leak is due to the overflow of water in the drain pan.

If your air-con has been installed recently and it is leaking, it might be due to improper installation of the air-con unit. The drain line may loosen over time and cause the pipe to disconnect from its connection within the air-con.



Aircon Not Cold

From fan not running to blocked and dirty condenser coils, these are some of the common compressor issues that lead to the air-con not cooling. The compressor not working is another reason for air-con not cooling.

The drain line or air filter may be choked or blocked which cause the system to work harder just to cool. This might eventually force the system to overwork and break down. Sometimes, the air-con fan blower might be faulty as well.

Whether there is a leakage or a blockage, insufficient refrigerant in the system will definitely cause the system to not be cold.



Aircon Fan Coil Noisy

This is usually due to a bearing of a fan that needs to be lubricated. Occasionally, it might be due to an off-centred fan blade which requires some minor adjustment.

The cause of this might be a loose component in the air-con unit. It might also be a bolt or nut that has come loose.

This means that a component in the air-con unit needs to be replaced immediately. It might run the risk of damaging other parts of the unit itself.

This is most likely a sign of gas leakage which requires immediate attention. Feel free to call us if you encounter such situations.

Weak Air Flow

The blower fan motor might be faulty which causes there to be weak or no air blowing out of the air-con unit.

The air filter needs to be cleaned regularly as there may be dirt and dust trapped in it. If it is badly blocked, it will cause the air flow to be weak.

Air-con Auto On / Off

The compressor may not be running efficiently and may be overheating. As a result, the air-con will switch off by itself as a safety feature. Condenser coil choked up may also cause the compressor to overheat.

This is the most common reason for air-con auto on / off. The electronic circuit board may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Aircon Tripping

The motor of the compressor might have shorted. This may be due to overwork that is usually caused by filter blockage, drain line blockage or ageing of the motor. There may also be a leakage of current by the compressor which may be due to broken wires or electrical components.

The circuit board may be shorted in the air-con unit. This may be caused by lizards or other insects that have crawled into the air-con unit.

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