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Freezers are very useful in Singapore for food storage. It allows food to be stored safely and prevents the growth of bacteria. However, due to the convenience that it brings to our daily lives, it is disastrous when the freezer breaks down. When such an unfortunate thing happens, it is advisable not to open the freezer door so often. A fully packed freezer may remain cold for up to 48 hours while a half packed freezer will only be cold for 24 hours. When you realize that your freezer is not maintaining its temperature, give us a call immediately and we will try our best to dispatch a qualified and experienced service engineer to your place.

  • Fridge repair is one of the most common appliance repairs in Singapore. The refrigerator is one of the few appliances in your home that is operating non-stop throughout the day. Therefore, it is not surprising if the most hardworking appliance in your house breaks down out of the blue. As much convenience as the refrigerator brings to every household, having a refrigerator breakdown brings equally as much inconvenience to the family. Not only will there not be ice or chilled water to consume after such a hot day in Singapore but more importantly all the perishable raw and cooked food will turn bad.

  • Types of Freezer Repair

    Among all the appliance repairs, freezer repairs are considered one of the emergency repairs due to the amount of food being stored in it. Whether your freezer is not cold or too cold, our service engineers will be able to provide you with the most economical solution. Similar to wine chiller repairs, freezers may stop working due to a number of reasons and you may rest assured that our service engineers know exactly what they are doing and will get your freezer up and running in no time.


Temperature Control Issues

Compressor failure
This is commonly the cause for freezers not cold / freezing. When the compressor fails, the refrigerant is unable to circulate and remove heat and as such, the freezer will not be cold.

Gas leakage
Gas leakage occurs when there is an outlet in the gas system allowing gas to escape. The whole gas system is a closed system and gas leakage depends on the size of the hole in the pipes.

Gas blockage
Gas blockage may be due to impurities such as oil from the compressor in the gas system. The oil may be trapped in any part of the gas system and will result in an inefficient cooling system.

Thermostat faulty
The compressor is controlled directly by the thermostat. When the thermostat is faulty, the compressor will not receive any power that is transmitted by the thermostat. The compressor will not work and as such, the cooling system is down and the freezer will not be cold.

Defrost failure
This is a common problem where the Freezer is either completely not cold or partially not cold. The ice (frost) formed at the evaporator is not melted by the defrost heater and as a result, blocks up the air passage.


No incoming supply
There is nothing wrong with the freezer as the wall plug may be the culprit with no power being supplied to the freezer.

PCB failure
This is the most tricky part to repair. Repair of the PCB is subject to part availability. Alternatively, we are able to convert the system to a mechanical system.

Thermostat faulty
The thermostat regulates the temperature of the wine chiller. When the thermostat is faulty, the compressor will not be able to operate normally.


PCB failure
The PCB is like the brain of the wine chiller. When it fails, there will be no signal sent to the compressor or thermostat.

Electronic Issues

LED display faulty
This may range from having dead cell on the screen or having a whole blank screen. Most freezers do not come with a display panel.

Power distribution unit faulty
A blown fuse or a loose connection may cause the whole power circuit to be incomplete. As a result, power is not distributed to the components of the freezer.

PCB failure
When the PCB fails, it is somewhat similar to the power distribution unit faulty because no power will be supplied to the various components of the freezer.

Light bulb blown
95% of the time is due to a blown light bulb. Replacing the light bulb is not difficult and should be managed personally. Some freezer does not have a light bulb.

PCB failure
This is extremely rare but when it happens, replacement parts may only be bought from the brand manufacturer.

Electronic Issues

Gas pipes hitting against wall
When the copper / stainless steel gas pipes hit against the wall due to vibration of the running system, it may be pretty loud and irritating.

External / internal fan off-centred
When the freezer has been used for significant number of years, the fan may become off-centred due to normal wear and tear to the system.

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