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At Fixwerks, we understand how much inconvenience it would be when your refrigerator breaks down. That is why we have a team of dedicated refrigerator repair service engineers that is always ready to repair any refrigerator with panache. Our service engineers are all qualified and experienced with all brands and models of refrigerators.

  • Fridge repair is one of the most common appliance repairs in Singapore. The refrigerator is one of the few appliances in your home that is operating non-stop throughout the day. Therefore, it is not surprising if the most hardworking appliance in your house breaks down out of the blue. As much convenience as the refrigerator brings to every household, having a refrigerator breakdown brings equally as much inconvenience to the family. Not only will there not be ice or chilled water to consume after such a hot day in Singapore but more importantly all the perishable raw and cooked food will turn bad.

  • Unlike freezer or wine chiller repairs, refrigerator repair is very common among household in Singapore. Our team is able to handle a wide variety of brands because of the training that we provide for our engineers. Some of the brands that we commonly handle include LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba and Electrolux.

    From refrigerators not being cold to refrigerators producing a loud noise, you can be assured that we have the right solution for you. We are also able to handle commercial fridge repairs too! Here are the different types of refrigerator repair that you may require.


Temperature Control Issues

Compressor failure
The compressor is designed to last up to 25 years and it should not breakdown so easily. It is usually a secondary problem resulting from other issue such as gas leakage or blockage which causes the compressor to breakdown due to overworked.

Gas leakage
When there is a gas leakage, there will be condensation visible inside the refrigerator. Gradually, the refrigerator will not be cold.

Gas blockage
A gas blockage in the refrigerator will cause the refrigerator to experience insufficient cooling.

Thermostat faulty
When the thermostat is faulty, it will not be able to feedback the actual temperature of the refrigerator accurately and as a result, the compressor will not be activated when the refrigerator is not cold enough.

Defrost failure
This is a common problem where the refrigerator is either completely not cold or partially not cold. The ice (frost) formed at the evaporator is not melted by the defrost heater and as a result, blocks up the air passage

No incoming supply
This may be due to the wall socket or the wires in the refrigerator itself.

PCB failure
The PCB is like the brain of the refrigerator. When it fails, there will be no signal sent to the compressor or thermostat. Replacement of PCB parts can only be purchased from the respective brand manufacturer.

Thermostat faulty
This is the most likely cause for the refrigerator to be too cold. The compressor depends on the thermostat to cut off when the refrigerator is at the pre-set temperature.

PCB failure
This may also cause the refrigerator to be too cold if the component of the PCB is faulty.

Electronic Issues

LED display faulty
This is an electronic part and is subject to availability from the brand manufacturer.

Power distribution unit faulty
This may be due to normal wear and tear or a blown fuse.

PCB failure
The PCB is like the brain of the wine chiller. When it fails, there will be no signal sent to the compressor or thermostat.

Light bulb blown
This is a straightforward problem which we advised customers to replace the light bulb themselves.

PCB failure
This is extremely rare but when it happens, replacement parts may only be bought from the brand manufacturer.

Electronic Issues

Gas pipes hitting against wall
This is due to long usage or accidental mishandling.

External / internal fan off-centred
This may be due to normal wear and tear of the system.

External / internal fan blade broken
This may be due to normal wear and tear of the system.

Drain pipe is choked
There may be ice formed in the drain pipe which causes it to block the drain pipe.

Drain pan cracked
The drain pan may be cracked which causes water to seep through and leaked onto the floor.

Excessive condensation in refrigerator
This may be either due to the door not being able to close tightly which results in hot air entering the refrigerator.

Door seal broken
This may be due to normal wear and tear.

Shelves or items blocking door
This is very common especially after a thorough cleaning of the internal of the refrigerator or having just loaded the refrigerator with groceries.

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