Wine Chiller Repair In Singapore


Wine chiller repair in Singapore is getting more common in recent years. This is due to the increase in the number of wine enthusiasts in Singapore. As the number of wine chiller owners increases, the tendency of a wine chiller breaking down significantly increases. From wine chiller not cooling to wine chiller freezing, Fixwerks will definitely be able to repair your wine chiller promptly and right the first time. At Fixwerks, we understand how precious your bottle investments mean to you. That is why we take wine chiller repairs seriously.

As a top wine chiller repair company in Singapore, we are confident to provide you a comprehensive and professional service for your wine chiller. Many have trusted us with their home appliance repairs. All our service engineers are experienced and well-trained for multi brand and multi model wine chillers. All our repair works will be carried out onsite, thus saving you the hassle of having your wine chiller being shifted in and out of your house. Moreover, all our repair works come with up to a year warranty. This is why all our customers will definitely have a peace of mind after we serviced them.

Types of Wine Chiller Repair

Similar to any refrigerator repairs, Fixwerks is always ready to service any wine chiller regardless of the types of issues. Our service engineers are prepared to go above and beyond to make sure that your wine chiller is running smoothly again in no time. Here are the possible types of wine chiller repairs.

Temperature Control Issues


Compressor failure
The compressor is the heart of the wine chiller and when it stops working, the wine chiller will naturally not be cold.


Gas leakage
When there is a gas leakage, the wine chiller will gradually not be cold. The wine chiller will be completely not cold when all the gas in the wine chiller has leaked.


Gas blockage
A gas blockage in the wine chiller will also cause the wine chiller to be not cold.


Thermostat faulty
The thermostat regulates the temperature of the wine chiller. When the thermostat is faulty, the compressor will not be able to operate normally.


No incoming supply
This may be due to the wall socket or the wine chiller itself.


PCB failure
The PCB is like the brain of the wine chiller. When it fails, there will be no signal sent to the compressor or thermostat.


Thermostat faulty
This is the most likely cause for the wine chiller to be too cold. The compressor depends on the thermostat to cut off when the wine chiller is at the pre-set temperature.


PCB failure
This may also cause the wine chiller to be too cold as some wine chiller activates the compressor by either the thermostat or the PCB.

Electronic Issues


LED display faulty
This is an electronic part and is subject to availability from the brand manufacturer.


Power distribution unit faulty
This may be due to normal wear and tear or a blown fuse.


PCB failure
The replacement part must be from the brand manufacturer. Alternatively, we can do a conversion to a fully mechanical system instead of an electronic system.

Light bulb blown
This is a straightforward problem which we advised customers to replace the light bulb themselves.


PCB failure
This is extremely rare but when it happens, replacement parts may only be bought from the brand manufacturer.

Noise Issues


Gas pipes hitting against wall
This is due to long usage or accidental mishandling.


External / internal fan off-centred
This may be due to normal wear and tear of the system.

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