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Cooker Hood Switch Repair

How best does your cook hood work? Throughout Singapore, and more so during festive seasons, many homes are preparing meals and smoke is all over the kitchen. You don’t want to be in a heavily smoked kitchen because the switch of your cooker hood is broken.

  • People are quickly turning to cooker hood in order to reduce the amount of smoke that will be emitted and helps contain the smoke from spreading to other rooms of the house.

  • With this in mind, cooker hood breakdowns more so with the switch become more prevalent and we at Fixwerks are there to assist you to suck out air properly.

Our dedicated and qualified professionals

with hands-on experience in most brands are always available to service your cooker hood switch. Taking pride in offering the fastest solution in a more customer friendly approach, we have gained trust as the best cooker hood switch repair service provider with our customers.
At Fixwerks, we believe that the customer is the king and your satisfaction is our goal, so we ensure that we attend to all issues that your cooker head switch might have within the shortest time possible.

Major problems that might arise as a result of the switch faulty are; suction issues and light issues. These are the immediate signs as well that might indicate your switch has a problem.

Our team has adequate and above par experience to tackle these problems leaving your cooker hood as perfect as new.

Our repair technicians are well equipped to handle all brands, antique or modern type of cooker hood.

From excessive noise to poor expelling odors outside, we do our best to ensure that our customers’ other equipment are grease free and your kitchen has fresh air, that the cooker hood motor will not affect your cooking routine anymore.

Quick repair tips

Before repairs are conducted, here are some basic tips you should know about cook hood switch repairs if you might want to do the repairs by yourself. It is important to observe that:

  1. All electrical works performed on the cooker hood should
    be done by a qualified electrician or our team of technicians.
  2. Use only genuine spare parts. Or we can order for you the best and highest quality spare parts for your respective brand.
  3. Not all cooker hood switches are the same. So you should not use a spare part of a different brand.
  4. Wiring instructions are generally on the brands’ website, though our experienced team of experts has intense knowledge on cooker hood repairs on their fingertips.

Regardless of your oven type, it is really important to contact a reliable and credible service provider that will suit your plans.

FIXWERKS is a trusted partner and will give you the peace of mind you deserve.


  • Transparent
    & Fair Pricing

    There are no hidden extras, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will be before any repairs / maintenance works commence.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Regardless of your location, FIXWERKS will repair the appliance on a day that suits you to the best of our ability.

  • All Repairs Guaranteed

    All our repair works are guaranteed for up to 12 months, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Prompt and
    Reliable Services

    We aim to complete every appliance repair at your home in the shortest feasible time, allowing you to do things the that matter most with your time.

  • All Makes
    and Models

    We repair all makes and models of domestic appliances. Our Engineers are experienced in all major brands.

  • A Name
    You can Trust

    Our engineers are honest, trustworthy, reliable and deliver a high standard of service you would expect from FIXWERKS.


Suction Issues

Suction fan motor faulty
The fan motor may break down over time due to usage wear and tear. If the cooker hood is not maintained properly, oil may be accumulated in the motor and cause the motor to be choked and malfunction.

Suction fan capacitor faulty
The capacitor helps to power up the suction fan motor. When it is faulty, the suction fan motor will not be able to start and as a result, there will not be any suction.

Suction fan motor failing
The suction fan motor is a mechanical part which is subjected to wear and tear over time. If you start to notice that the suction power is getting weaker, it is time to service the cooker hood.

Filter choked
If you have never removed and washed the filter, the filter might be choked with oil residue which makes the suction power inefficient.

Control panel faulty
The control panel regulates the speed of the suction fan and it may be faulty. There are 2 types of control panels – electronic or mechanical.

Noise or Light Issues

Suction fan motor faulty
The suction fan motor bearing might be wearing out. This will cause the motor to have a loud running sound. It would be advisable to have the cooker hood service if the motor is producing loud sound.


Suction fan motor faulty
The suction fan motor is often the cause of the humming sound and this is a sign that it needs to be replaced. For most cases, the suction fan will not be functioning when activated.

No power
There power supply to the cooker hood is cut off. This may be due to a broken wire or faulty power module terminal in the cooker hood. The other functions of the cooker hood will not be working as well.

Light bulb blown
This is very common as most people use the light when cooking. Simply replace the light bulb if it blows. The light bulb is easily available at any hardware shop. Remove the faulty light bulb and bring it to the shop to ensure you get the right one.

Control panel faulty
The control panel will not be able to supply power to the light bulbs if it is faulty. Try changing the light bulbs before confirming that the control panel is faulty.

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