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We know that your time is valuable, which is why we arrange our services around your schedule. When you are busy running a business, you have more important things to worry about than commercial appliance repair. Leave this job up to the speedy professionals at Fixwerks, and your business will soon be back in full swing

What Sets Us Apart

After sales service

Technical Expertise

Our service personnel are
highly trained experts

Inventory Management

We can help brands with
regards to storing and keeping
track of all item spareparts

Data and Analytics

Provide technical data and end-customer data for brand improvement

Installation Services

We can custom install your
products for customers

After Sales Service

Our lines are always open for
after sales support

Customer Service

Customer service support


The Dilemma

Here are common problems when handling appliance brands adressing these problems will create a strong customer retention and repeat purchase.

The damage rate in this industry could be 10% or even higher. Need extra man power to install in remote areas. Every brand has a moral obligation to cater to the customer who bought from them. Specially if the item in question is still under warranty. There should be a unit specifically tasked in handling customer concerns

Technical Expertise

Our expertise lies in repair and servicing of appliances. This is where you can trust us to solve your “in and out” of warranty customer’s problems efficiently.

Repair Experience

Fixwerks is separated into main sections namely: Heatwerks, Chillwerks & Waterweks. These sections focus on commonly used appliances in the household such as conventional ovens, refrigerators, washing machines etc. By dividing appliances into subsections, we are able to focus and delegate specialist teams to tackle any breakdowns or malfunctions.


By offering warranty to customers and using electronic invoices as an assurance for our work, customers feel confident trusting us with their faulty appliances. They are able to contact us should the appliance fail within the warranty period giving them a peace of mind.

Installation and Replacement Services

Many of our new and existing clients would rather purchase a new appliance should the repair cost be too steep for them. This is where we are able to promote your appliances to our existing clients. Fixwerks is also able to market your products on our website to increase brand awareness to the local market.

We can repair a wide variety of appliances

Other Appliances We Repair

Espresso Coffee Machine

Coffee Machines

Baking Equipment

Baking Equipment

Air Fryer

Air Fryer

Stand Mixer

Air purifier

Air Purifier

Vacuum Cleaner

Waffle Maker

cream dispenser

Cream Dispenser

Standing Fan

Standing Fan

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Wall Fan

Wall Fan

Inventory Management

Fixwerks can help manage all or a partial of your spare parts inventory. We provide quarterly updates on latest stock availability and reports when inventory hits minimum reorder point.

Full Inventory

Full Inventory

Manage all spare parts for products

Inventory report will be provided quarterly on stock

(No transport charged)
Partial Inventory

Partial Inventory

Only common parts are stored and managed by Fixwerks.

Inventory report will be provided quarterly on stock.

(Reduce transport cost to warehouse for parts collection)
Non- Inventorized

Non- Inventorized

Collect spare parts on demand from clients warehouse

(Transport Charged per Collection trip)

Why customer service should be the focus?

Here are a few customer service statistics that serve to emphasize just how paramount excellent customer service can be for your bottom line:


The quality of a company’s customer service can make or break the bank.


This is a study from 2020 on customer expectations which is simulated on a large sample size with varied demographic and psychographic characteristics. As you can tell, excellent customer service is a name maker, no matter what your industry. It helps grow revenue, maintain customer loyalty, and improve your overall business strategy.


As human beings we have a natural desire to be recognized as unique, valued individuals.
Instead of being identified by a ticket or case number.

Your Trusted Repair & Maintenance Partner

The service industry is a relationship based business, that being the service provider and the customer or partner. Like all relationships it functions primarily on the foundation of TRUST.

We as a company believe that by earning our customer's trust we can build bigger and better relationship bridges. By striving for greatness and achiveing it in a consistent basis we are able to build rapport, which then bolsters reputation.

We believe that doing good and honest quality service is the basis for why our partners and customers trust us to this day, and it is why we continue to strive for Excellence.

More Reasons Why To Engage Us?

CRM Systems

Wide Network For Supplies

Cloud Based Infrastructure

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