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Door Knob Specialist: Fixwerks - Your Trusted Handyman Service Provider

Door Knob Specialist Fixwerks - Your Trusted Handyman Service Provider

Fixwerks is a company that specializes in repair services, offering alternative solutions for renovations and sourcing obsolete hinges and screws for special door handles. This case study explores a specific repair service provided by Fixwerks to a company experiencing problems with their door handles.


Due to the faulty door handle, employees are having a hard time opening and closing doors. Additionally, safety is at risk since the malfunctioning handle could lead to being locked out.


Investigated and found the root causes to the hinges of the door knob to be faulty. Replace overhaul, new hinges and sliders for door knobs in the entire office.

The office is now safe from any broken and faulty door knobs, with this, employees are not at risk of getting locked out 

The company in question was facing a significant problem with their door handles. The handles were faulty, making it difficult for employees to open and close doors. This posed a risk to the safety of the employees as they could potentially become locked out due to the malfunctioning handles. The obsolete door handles were also causing inconvenience and frustration among the employees.

Fixwerks was engaged to investigate and find a solution to the door handle problem. After a thorough inspection, it was determined that the root cause of the problem was the hinges of the door knobs, which were faulty and worn out. To address this issue, Fixwerks proposed a comprehensive solution that involved an overhaul of the entire door knob system in the office.

The first step to the solution was to source the required hinges and sliders for the door knobs. Fixwerks utilized their expertise and network in the industry to locate and acquire the necessary parts, including obsolete hinges and screws for the special door handles in the office.

Once all the required parts were procured, the repair team from Fixwerks commenced the replacement of the hinges and sliders. This involved carefully removing the old, faulty parts and installing the new ones. The team ensured that the replacement process was carried out flawlessly, paying attention to even the smallest details to guarantee long-lasting and reliable door knob functionality.

Upon completion of the repair service, the company saw immediate and significant improvements. The office was now free from broken and faulty door knobs, eliminating the risk of employees being locked out. The replacement of the hinges and sliders greatly enhanced the functionality of the door knobs, making it effortless for employees to open and close doors.

The installation of new, high-quality parts also ensured that the door knobs would remain in good working condition for an extended period, reducing the frequency of future repairs and associated costs.

Moreover, the employees expressed their satisfaction with the repair service provided by Fixwerks. The convenience and ease of use of the new door knobs significantly improved their day-to-day activities in the office.

Fixwerks successfully addressed the door handle problem faced by the company, providing an alternative repair service that not only sourced obsolete parts but also replaced faulty hinges and sliders. The comprehensive solution resulted in a safer and more functional office environment, with employees no longer at risk of being locked out and able to easily open and close doors.

This case study showcases Fixwerks’ expertise in repairing and sourcing obsolete parts, highlighting their commitment to providing quality solutions to their clients’ repair needs.

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