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Facility maintenance simply means providing clean and safe environment for teaching and learning. School facility is one of the things that give credence to the schools and its maintenance may have effect on student performance.

A well maintaned and environmentally conducive school significantly improves learning, having school facilities breaking affects overall learning experience.

Home Economics Room Maintenance

Home economics rooms are equipped with electrical and gas appliances, sharp tools and a myria of small medium and even large equipment. The proper installation and regular maintenance are essential for eliminating potential hazards.

Dish Washer

Having the dishwasher cleaned once a month helps prevent a build of germs. Not cleaning your dishwasher can lead to debris buildup and unpleasant odors which can also cause health issues in the future.

Refrigerator and Freezer

Keeping the Fridge well maintaned will save the school the pain of restocking every food item and ingredient that will spoil if the Fridge breaks down this is the same for the Freezer.

Stove and Oven

Out of all the equipment in the room this is the most critical should it not be maintained by a professional. With Continuous use comes wear and tear , regular check ups or maintenance work should be of top priority to guarantee the safety of all.

Tables , Chairs, Countertops and Shelves

Having all Homeroom Kitchen equipment in top condition prevents accidents and mishaps. Regular maintenance checks and repairs help mitigate the likelyhood of these troublesome situations. May it be uneaven or creaking cabinets and shelves ,broken or chipped up countertops or tables. Seek profecional service when dealing with these, having piece of mind goes a long way.

Electrical Services

We offer highly rated Electricity and Wiring repair service. Providing solutions to meet all your electrical needs. Our electricians are highly experienced and licensed to provide a wide range of electrical services to solve all your business' problems. We strive to be the most recommended and reliable handyman service provider by being prompt and professional in all our tasks. We provide experienced and well-trained electricians for all your electrical needs and fixes. Making sure your business is running smoothly.

Mixer and other baking equipment

Mixer's for example should be regularly cleaned and oiled since there are a lot of moving parts in it that require regular maintenance. Components like the sliding bowl height adjustor should be oiled twice per year and as soon as the gear housing starts to squeak, that needs oil too. A well-lubricated machine is less prone to breakdowns.

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Equipped with the latest practices in systems maintenance and appliance repair
Fixwerks is here to make sure that the School's facilities functioning optimally and will not hinder in student's and faculty member's daily use.

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As a Repair company, Fixerwerks constatantly strives to provide customers with the best repair solution. We offer a wide range of repair services to cater each and every business industry.

Our experienced technicians will alwasys try to repair the problem first before suggesting replacement.This mindset allows our partners to save more in the long run.

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All Fixtures we install are from

HAFELE Singapore

which provides high-quality

materials source from Germany.

Do inform our technical team should you wish to have HAFELE fittings instead of standard hinges.


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We have a dedicated customer service team.

Wide Network For Supplies

No appliance is too old, with our wide network of suppliers, we are able to source for many spare parts that are not longer available locally.


Facing problems with freelancers? We have a dedicated operations team who is able to support your technical queries.


Dedicated finance team who can issue quotations/ work order based your requirement

Good Warranty Terms

Up to 1 year warranty for all our repairs. No need to fret about after repair issues.

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