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Fixwerks Corporate's Successful Repair of Chest Freezer Light for Enhanced Product Showcase

Successful Repair of Chest Freezer Light for Enhanced Product Showcase

The existing chest freezer does not have light, therefore showcasing the product will be a challenge. Potential customers will not be able to see the product well.


Fixwerks needs to source the right parts for the IP68 LED light strip for proper replacement. Modifying the existing freezer to fit the light strip. 

The chest freezer is well lit for potential customers to see the products being offered from the new suitable light fixtures.


The purpose of this case study is to highlight Fixwerks Corporate’s expertise in finding suitable replacements for obsolete parts, specifically addressing the challenge faced by the company in enabling proper product showcasing due to the absence of a light in their existing chest freezer. By sourcing a special IP68 light strip and successfully implementing the necessary modifications, Fixwerks demonstrated their ability to deliver effective solutions to their clients.

Fixwerks Corporate faced a significant challenge in ensuring proper product visibility within their chest freezer. The absence of a light source hindered potential customers’ ability to view the products, negatively impacting the overall customer experience and hampering potential sales.

Recognizing the importance of adequate lighting for the product showcase, Fixwerks opted to source a suitable replacement for the obsolete light fixture. After careful consideration and analysis, Fixwerks identified an IP68 light strip that met the necessary technical specifications to function efficiently within the freezer environment. This special light strip possessed IP68 rating, ensuring protection against moisture and dust.

The team at Fixwerks meticulously modified the existing chest freezer to accommodate the IP68 light strip. This involved aligning the light strip along the peripheral edges of the freezer’s internal compartment, strategically positioning it to evenly illuminate the entire storage area. Fixwerks’ technicians ensured secure fastening of the light strip, incorporating the necessary wiring and controls for seamless integration.

Fixwerks meticulously modified the existing chest freezer to accommodate the IP68 light strip

Fixwerks Corporate’s repair and modification efforts culminated in a well-lit chest freezer that successfully addressed the initial problem of inadequate product visibility. The installation of the IP68 light strip has significantly enhanced the showcasing capabilities of the freezer, enabling potential customers to clearly perceive and evaluate the products being offered.

By utilizing the IP68 light strip, Fixwerks demonstrated their commitment to delivering innovative solutions aligned with client requirements. This successful repair not only improved the customer experience at Fixwerks Corporate’s store but also positively impacted sales by effectively showcasing the products within the chest freezer.

Overall, this case study exemplifies Fixwerks Corporate’s ability to find suitable replacements for obsolete parts and our commitment to providing effective solutions in addressing technical challenges. Through their expertise, Fixwerks efficiently transformed a product limitation into a competitive advantage, enhancing both customer experience and sales performance.


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