Fixwerks Repairs Obsolete Electrical Internal Circuitry

Fixwerks Repairs Obsolete Electrical Internal Circuitry


This case study discusses Fixwerks’ on-demand Electrical Repair Services on the ceiling lights of one of our clients in Singapore. The unique feature lighting and ceiling lights in several areas of the store were not working, affecting the store’s image and customer experience. Fixwerks provided a solution by assessing and replacing faulty components, sourcing suitable new light fixtures, and providing reactive and preventive maintenance services.


The image of the business is harmed by various portions of the store’s ceiling lights and distinctive feature lighting not functioning. Customers therefore encounter shopping in dimly lit places.


Internal circuitry that was failing as a result of faulty drivers and transformers was discovered during an assessment by Fixwerks Corporate. We were able to locate the proper replacement components for them.

Since we were able to acquire adequate new light fixtures to replace outdated versions, the store is now properly lit.

Fixwerks offered On-Demand Professional Electrical Repair Services for several light sources in our client’s establishment. Our team of experts specializes in fixing electrical issues efficiently and effectively, ensuring the safety and functionality of the lights.

Our client faced difficulties with their unique feature lighting and ceiling lights. These lights were not functioning properly, creating dark areas within the store. This not only affected the aesthetics of the store but also provided an unpleasant shopping experience for customers.

Fixwerks tackled the issue by conducting a thorough assessment of the electrical systems. They found that the malfunction was due to faulty components, specifically drivers and transformers. To resolve the problem, Fixwerks sourced the appropriate replacement parts and replaced them in the affected areas. This ensured that the lights would function properly and illuminate the store adequately.

Fixwerks also provided Reactive and Preventive Maintenance Services to ensure the long-term functionality and reliability of the repaired lights. They implemented a regular maintenance schedule, including inspections and replacements of parts prone to wear and tear. This proactive approach helped prevent future disruptions and ensured that the lights would continue to function optimally.

For reference, Preventive Maintenance typically includes tasks like routine inspections, cleaning, and replacing worn-out parts based on predefined schedules or expert recommendations. On the other hand, Reactive Maintenance, also referred to as emergency or corrective maintenance, is carried out in response to an unexpected breakdown. We provide tailor fit maintenance services for your needs.

As a result of Fixwerks’ services, the store is now well-illuminated. They were able to find suitable new light fixtures to replace the obsolete models, improving the store’s overall lighting. In addition to solving the initial problem, our partner received other benefits and advantages. These include enhanced customer experience due to well-illuminated shopping areas, improved store image, and increased long-term cost savings through Fixwerks’ preventive maintenance services.

a) Improved Store Image

The well-illuminated store creates a positive and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall image of our client. Customers can now enjoy a visually appealing shopping experience.

b) Enhanced Customer Experience

By resolving the lighting issues, Fixwerks has ensured that customers can shop comfortably without encountering dark areas within the store. The improved lighting contributes to a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience.

c) Cost Savings

Fixwerks’ proactive approach to maintenance helps identify and replace faulty components before they cause larger issues. This prevents costly breakdowns and extends the lifespan of lighting systems, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

d) Expertise and Reliability

Fixwerks’ team of professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience to address electrical repair needs. Their expertise ensures that the repairs are of high quality and long-lasting, providing the client with a reliable solution.

Fixwerks provided a cost-effective and efficient solution to the client, allowing them to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of their store’s accessories. Through Fixwerks’ extensive cleaning services, the store was able to create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere that left a lasting impression on its customers.

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