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Fixwerks: Transforming Spaces with Expert Solutions for Door Handles and Lighting

Fixwerks: Transforming Spaces with Expert Solutions for Door Handles and Lighting

Fixwerks Corporate has successfully served a variety of clients in need of alternative repair solutions. This includes commercial spaces such as retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings. Our clients appreciate our ability to track down obsolete hinges and screws specifically tailored for unique door handles. This ensures a seamless repair that maintains the original aesthetics of their establishment. Clients also rely on us to find suitable bulbs for their busted lights. We work closely with them to identify the desired illumination and source the right components to achieve the desired lighting effect.


The broken and misaligned door handle poses challenges for both employees and clients. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, but also as a safety concern for the storage compartments used by employees.

 Clients find it unappealing to observe areas of the store with flickering or busted lights.


The doorknob presented loose screws, worn internal components, and aging. The Fixwerks team efficiently found the proper hinges and screws to fix them.

Due to aging, the busted lights were replaced with the store’s preferred size and illumination. We sourced the right components for a seamless replacement.

The store is now free from aesthetically unpleasing misaligned door handles and busted lights. Both fixes were customized to meet the store’s preferences.

Fixwerks Corporate recently had the opportunity to work with a high-end retail store that was facing two significant repair challenges. The first problem involved a broken and misaligned door handle that not only affected the store’s aesthetics, but also posed a safety concern for the storage compartments used by employees. The second issue was flickering or busted lights, which made certain areas of the store unappealing to clients.

Fixwerks Corporate was determined to provide alternative repair solutions for these problems. Our team of experienced technicians promptly assessed the situation and identified the root causes of the issues. For the misaligned door handle, it was found that loose screws, worn internal components, and aging were the main culprits. To address this, our team diligently sourced and procured the proper hinges and screws that were specifically tailored for the unique door handle design. The Fixwerks team then efficiently replaced the faulty components, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing door handle that met the store’s preferences.

For the second issue, the flickering or busted lights, Fixwerks Corporate again worked closely with the store to determine their desired illumination and lighting preferences. Our team sourced the right bulbs with the store’s preferred size and illumination to achieve a seamless replacement. The aging lights were replaced, eliminating the flickering and ensuring a well-lit environment for the clients. 

As a result of our tailored repair solutions, the high-end retail store now boasts aesthetically pleasing and fully functional door handles. The employees can now easily and safely access the storage compartments without any concerns about the door handle. Additionally, the store’s clients can enjoy a visually appealing shopping experience, free from flickering or busted lights. Fixwerks Corporate’s ability to identify and track down obsolete hinges, screws, and bulbs ensured that the original aesthetics of the store were maintained throughout the repair process.

Fixwerks Corporate’s expertise in offering alternative repair solutions has allowed us to successfully serve various clients across different commercial spaces. Our commitment to finding suitable components for unique door handles and identifying the right bulbs for busted lights has made us a trusted partner for businesses seeking customized repairs. We continue to prioritize our clients’ preferences and provide efficient and tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

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