Fixwerks Corporate Case Study:

On-Demand Repair and Maintenance Handyman Service of Repairing Drawers

On-Demand Repair and Maintenance Handyman Service of Repairing Drawers


This case study analyzes the partnership between Fixwerks Corporate, a prominent on-demand repair and maintenance service provider in Singapore, and renowned skincare retailer, focusing specifically on the repair of cabinets within their store. The study explores the challenges faced by our client, the solution provided by Fixwerks Corporate, and the subsequent outcomes and impact on the client’s business.


Cabinet doors creak and are difficult to close because they are uneven.


To reduce wear and tear over time, we looked at the reasons for defective hinges and drawer sliders and replaced overhauled, new hinges and sliders for whole stores. 

Without needing to undergo a significant refurbishment, the store now has functional cabinets with the help of Fixwerks Corporate’s on-demand handyman services.

The process adopted by Fixwerks encompassed both Reactive and Preventive Maintenance Services. Initially, the faulty hinges and sliders were promptly replaced, resolving the immediate issue of uneven cabinet doors. This reactive approach ensured immediate relief for our client, allowing them to resume normal operations without major disruptions.

The cabinet doors of our client were becoming increasingly uneven, resulting in squeakiness and the inability to close properly. This issue not only disrupted the aesthetic appeal of the store but also hindered the smooth operation of daily tasks.

After a thorough inspection, the root causes of faulty hinges and drawer sliders were identified as the main culprits. To rectify the issue comprehensively and prevent future wear and tear, Fixwerks recommended replacing the hinges and sliders throughout the entire store.

To prevent similar issues from recurring, Fixwerks also implemented a preventive maintenance regime. By replacing the existing hinges and sliders with high-quality, durable alternatives, the cabinets were safeguarded against wear and tear over time. Regular Maintenance checks and adjustments were also scheduled to ensure the continued functionality of the cabinets.

The implementation of the solution entailed the following steps and subsequent outcomes:

a) Inspection and assessment

Fixwerks Corporate’s technicians thoroughly examined the damaged cabinets and drawers, identifying the root cause of the problem.

b) Repair execution

  • Utilizing our expertise and specialized tools, the team repaired the faulty mechanisms, hardened the structure, and optimized the drawer functionality.

c) On-demand assistance

Fixwerks Corporate ensured prompt response and timely repairs, arranging a visit with our client at the earliest convenience.

d) Quality assurance

The repaired drawers underwent rigorous quality checks before being deemed suitable for customer usage.

The collaboration between our Client and Fixwerks Corporate yielded several positive outcomes:

a) Enhanced Aesthetics

The implementation of Fixwerks’ on-demand handyman repair services resulted in significant improvements for our client. Without the need for a major renovation, the store now boasts well-functioning cabinets, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of the space.

b) Enhanced Efficiency

The cabinets’ newfound ability to close properly translated into increased efficiency for store staff, who no longer had to struggle with jammed or misaligned doors. This streamlined workflow saved time and improved employee satisfaction. Additionally, the preventive maintenance regime implemented by Fixwerks ensured that future issues were minimized, preventing costly repairs or replacements down the line.

The collaboration between Fixwerks Corporate and our Client proved to be a successful venture, addressing cabinet and drawer repair issues efficiently and effectively. Fixwerks Corporate’s expertise, prompt response, and quality repairs contributed positively to our client’s operations and customer experience. This case study highlights the significance of reliable on-demand repair and maintenance services in maintaining seamless operations and ensuring customer satisfaction in retail establishments.

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