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Precision Hanging: Fixwerks' Masters the Art of Displaying Art on False Walls

Fixwerks' Masters the Art of Displaying Art on False Walls


To provide alternatives for renovations, particularly for walls that are not made of concrete (false walls). This includes giving recommendations for the right tools and wall plugs to use, which are sturdy enough to hang paintings and posters.


Damages walls due to unwanted scratches and cracks. Additionally, Paintings and Posters are tilted because the screws are loose. 


To revamp damaged walls and replace unique screws for artwork displayed in the office. 

Office walls are now fresh and free from noticeable damages. Displayed artwork is now sturdy and showcased better from unique and durable screws. 

The existing walls in the office are not made of concrete and are instead false walls. These walls have suffered from unwanted scratches and cracks over time. Moreover, the paintings and posters displayed in the office are not securely hung and tilt due to loose screws.

The solution to this problem involves two main aspects. Firstly, the damaged walls need to be revamped to eliminate the noticeable scratches and cracks. Secondly, the unique screws used for hanging the artwork need to be replaced with more secure alternatives.

For the damaged walls, Fixwerks Corporate recommends using a combination of techniques and materials. Firstly, any loose paint or damaged areas should be scraped off or sanded down. This will ensure a smooth surface for repair work. Next, a suitable filler material, such as a spackle or joint compound, should be applied to the damaged areas. This will fill in the cracks and scratches, creating an even surface. After the filler material has dried, it should be sanded down to further smoothen the wall. Finally, a fresh coat of paint can be applied to restore the wall’s aesthetic appearance.

As a result of implementing our recommended solutions, the office walls are now fresh and free from noticeable damage. The revamping process eliminated the scratches and cracks, making the walls appear brand new. Furthermore, the unique screws used for hanging the artwork have enhanced the stability and presentation of the displayed pieces. The artwork no longer tilts or shifts, providing a more visually pleasing display for employees and visitors.


Fixwerks Corporate successfully provided the desired repair and maintenance solutions for the client. By addressing the challenges posed by false walls and loose screws, the company was able to revamp the damaged walls and ensure secure and aesthetically pleasing displays of artwork in the office. The combination of suitable repair techniques, materials, and unique screws enabled the client to achieve their goal of having fresh walls free from damage, while also improving the visual impact of the displayed artwork. Overall, Fixwerks Corporate’s expertise in repair and maintenance proved to be essential in solving the client’s renovation challenges.

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