Technical Case Study

Replacement of Toilet Cistern Flush Casement Service

Replacement of Toilet Cistern Flush Casement Service


The case study focuses on the replacement of Toilet Cistern Flush Casements at our client offices. The intent behind this project is to address the issues employees were facing due to faulty flush casements. The solution involved sourcing unique parts for replacement, as the existing parts were obsolete.


A fundamental cause for the malfunctioning of the toilet flush casements has been found. Toilets that are functional cannot be used correctly by workers.


We evaluated and discovered that the flush casement needed to be replaced, therefore we located the appropriate components. Due to their obsolescence, we were successful in locating unique parts.

The workplace now has functional restrooms that staff members may use without having to undergo extensive renovations.

Our client is a global entertainment and media company, operating as a subsidiary of AT&T. With a large workforce spread across different offices, providing a comfortable and functional working environment for employees is crucial.

Our client identified a recurring issue with toilet flush casements in their offices. Employees were consistently facing difficulties using the toilets due to malfunctioning flush casements. This problem was affecting employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as hygiene and facilities maintenance.

To address the problem, our client initiated a thorough assessment of the flush casements. The root cause of the malfunctions was identified, and it was determined that replacement of the faulty parts was necessary. However, the challenge was sourcing the required parts, as they were obsolete and not readily available in the market.

a) Component Evaluation and Selection

Fixwerks experts thoroughly examined the existing flush casements and identified the specific components that needed replacement. The team paid close attention to compatibility and quality to ensure that the replacements would meet the required functionality and durability standards.

b) Extensive Research and Sourcing

Given the obsolescence of the required flush casement components, Fixwerks embarked on a comprehensive research and sourcing process. This involved exploring various suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors globally to locate unique parts that matched the specifications of the existing casements.

c) Quality Assurance

Fixwerks prioritizes quality and maintains rigorous testing standards for all its products. To ensure the reliability of the sourced parts, extensive quality checks and testing procedures were carried out in accordance with industry standards. This was crucial to guarantee the seamless replacement and long-term functionality of the flush casements.

d) Seamless Installation Process

Once the appropriate components were sourced and quality-tested, Fixwerks’ experienced technicians conducted a thorough inspection of the affected toilets to determine the feasibility and complexity of the replacement process. Using their expertise, the team devised the most efficient and effective installation procedures to minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless transition.

Seamless Installation Process

By sourcing the necessary parts for replacement, our client was able to rectify the faulty flush casements without the need for major renovations. This enabled the company to minimize disruption to employees and avoid significant expenses.

As a result, our client now boasts well-functioning toilets that can be properly used by employees across all their offices. The replacement of obsolete parts not only improved the functionality of the toilets but also enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, this solution allowed our client to avoid the cost and inconvenience associated with a comprehensive overhaul of the restroom facilities.

The successful replacement of Toilet Cistern Flush Casements at our client’s offices demonstrates the importance of efficiently troubleshooting and addressing facility-related issues. Through collaboration with specialized vendors and the sourcing of unique parts, the company achieved a cost-effective solution that significantly improved the overall employee experience.

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