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Troubleshooting Boards: Repairing Non-Functioning Display Board Lights

Fixwerks, a trusted name in comprehensive home and office improvement solutions, set out to showcase its capability in handling intricate electrical works, including those involving signages and display boards. Their team of skilled and experienced technicians was dedicated to addressing any electrical problems, emphasizing their proficiency in handling complex tasks related to office infrastructure.


The dimmed display board not only hinders brand visibility but also reflects poorly on the office’s management. Ensuring its proper illumination is crucial for maintaining brand awareness and upholding a professional image


Our skilled technicians prioritize a thorough diagnosis, essential for identifying the root cause and planning the necessary repair steps effectively. 

Next, we meticulously source the required parts, tools, and equipment to ensure a seamless repair process. 

Brand Awareness:

Properly illuminating the display board enhances brand visibility and showcases the office’s brand and works, boosting brand awareness.

Office Maintenance:

Resolving issues like non-functioning display boards improves the perception of office maintenance, creating a sleek and professional environment that fosters productivity and positive impressions.

The challenge at hand involved a dimmed display board, negatively impacting brand visibility and reflecting poorly on the office’s management. The proper illumination of the display board was identified as crucial for maintaining brand awareness and upholding a professional image for the office.

Fixwerks devised a thorough and systematic approach to address the dimmed display board issue:

1. Thorough Diagnosis

  Skilled technicians prioritized a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the root cause of the dimming issue. This step was crucial for planning effective repair strategies.

2. Meticulous Sourcing of Parts and Equipment

  Following the diagnosis, Fixwerks meticulously sourced the required parts, tools, and equipment. This ensured a seamless repair process with all necessary resources readily available, minimizing downtime.

3. Organized Execution

  Leveraging their experienced team and organized approach, Fixwerks executed the repair work strategically and with precision. This approach aimed at delivering optimal results and restoring the display board to its full functionality.

Troubleshooting Boards - solution

The implementation of Fixwerks’ solutions yielded transformative outcomes for the office environment:

1. Brand Awareness

  Properly illuminating the display board significantly enhanced brand visibility, effectively showcasing the office’s brand and works. This contributed to a boost in brand awareness among passersby and visitors.

2. Office Maintenance

  Resolving issues with the non-functioning display board improved the overall perception of office maintenance. The sleek and professional environment created by Fixwerks’ intervention fostered productivity and left a positive impression on both employees and visitors.

Fixwerks showcased its expertise in resolving complex electrical issues related to display boards. Through a systematic approach, the company not only addressed the dimming problem but also positively impacted brand awareness and office maintenance. This case study underscores Fixwerks’ commitment to delivering effective solutions that go beyond technical repairs to enhance the overall environment for their clients.

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