Is there a power trip in your house? Or do you need to add an additional socket to your wall? Fixwerks is able to resolve all your electrical problems quickly and effectively. Feel free to call us to fix an appointment. Call us at +65 6765 8890

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Electrical Services

At some point in time, everyone will definitely need an electrician for their house. Be it to resolve a power trip, or to install an additional power socket on the wall. Working with electricity can be a very dangerous task and it would not be advisable to attempt any repairs without the help of a qualified electrician.

Lighting Repairs and Installations

Are you thinking of installing a new light fixture? Do you need to repair a faulty light in your home? Our service engineers are well trained and reliable to handle any repairs or installations of your lightings. Contact us today for any lighting repairs and installations.

Power Socket Repair and Installations

Do you need to install an additional power socket? Or does the existing power socket require any repairs? Our service engineers will definitely be able to help. We repair and install all types of power socket. Contact us today for any power socket repair and installation.

Power Trip Repair

A power trip in the house may be dangerous if the cause of the trip is unknown. When the power trips, there is either an appliance or equipment short-circuit or an earth leakage. If you are unable to reset the circuit breaker, you will need an electrician to resolve the problem. Contact us today for any power trip repairs.



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