Light Installations In Singapore


Every household requires some form of lighting to illuminate the house when the sunsets. However, when the light bulb is faulty, it may cause much inconvenience to the incumbents especially if there is no spare bulb to change at home.

Whether it is a change of bulb or a replacement of light fixtures, Fixwerks will be able to provide a professional and reliable service. Our service engineers are experienced and customer-oriented to ensure that your lighting installation is done right the first time.
Do you need to replace a faulty light in your house? Or do you need to install an additional lighting in your house? Feel free to call us to fix an appointment. Call us at +65 6765 8890.

How can we help?

Having a proper working light to illuminate your house after sunset is of great importance to you. That is why you need someone you can trust and rely on should there be a need for repair. Fixwerks is your trusted service company that is able to provide honest and reliable electrical repair service for times of emergency. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment today.

Types of Electrical lighting services

Replacement of Ballast


Over time, the ballast system of the lightings will break down and requires replacement. We are able to diagnose and replace any ballast system if necessary. Usually when the lights start to flicker, it is an indication to replace the ballast system.

Replacement of
Bulb or Tube


Similar to the ballast system of the lightings, the fluorescent bulb and tube have a limited lifespan. When the fluorescent bulb or tube does not light up, it is time to replace a new bulb or tube.

Installation of new
Lighting Fixture


After having the same light fixture in the house for years, it would be a good idea to change and have a new look. We are able to uninstall and dispose the old fixture and install a new lighting fixture. This would include new LED lightings which are more energy efficient.

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