Power Socket Installation Services in Singapore


Do you need to replace a faulty power socket in your house? Or do you need to install an additional power socket in your house? Feel free to call us to fix an appointment. Call us at +65 6765 8890
There are many different types of power sockets switches available in the market. Power sockets and switches in general do not break down so easily. However, when it does, it would be advisable to engage an electrician to take a look as electricity is very dangerous when handled wrongly.
Whether it is a repair, replacement or a new installation, Fixwerks will definitely be able to provide a comprehensive and reliable service. Our service engineers are well trained and customer-oriented to serve you with the most economical solution feasible.

How can we help?

At Fixwerks, our service engineers are able to replace any faulty switches or install an additional wall socket. We are able to provide professional advice on the types of power sockets required for the types of appliances used. Is you are experiencing a power tripping issue, our team will be able to assist you as well! Feel free to call us today for an appointment.

Types of Power Socket in Singapore

13A Type G socket


In Singapore, the standard type of power socket used is the Type G power socket. It is a 3-pin holes socket rated for 13A current. This is meant for normal home appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves.

15A Type M socket


This is a Type M power socket. It is a 3-pin holes socket rated 15A current. This has a higher current rating which is meant for higher power consumption appliances. This includes appliances such as clothes dryer and convection ovens.

13A Industrial Power Socket


This is a 13A industrial power socket that is meant for outdoor use. It can be commonly found in the backyard or the balcony of a house.

Types of Switches in Singapore

Light / fan switches


These are the main type of switches that are usually mounted on the wall. They control the lights or ceiling fans when switched on.

Three-way switches


Three-way switches are installed at different locations but control the same electrical lighting or fan when switched on. It provides convenience for the user to switch on the appliances.

Dimmer switches


These switches allow the brightness of lights to be adjusted. It can be installed in place of the normal switches. These are usually installed in the living room with warm yellow lights.

Pilot light switches


These switches come with a light indicator on it. If an appliance is not working when the switch is turned on, the user to know if there is power coming from the power socket or if there is a problem with the appliance.

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