Power tripping repair services in Singapore


Power tripping is not very common in most houses in Singapore. The most common thing to do when experiencing a power trip in the house is to reset the power circuit breaker. However, if the cause of the power trip is not identified and isolated, the power circuit breaker will not be able to reset.
Power tripping is a safety measure to prevent users from electrocution. When there is a power trip in the house, it is highly likely that there is a faulty appliance or an appliance is being overloaded. There are cases that the wires internally are causing the problem and should be replaced immediately.

How can we help?

At Fixwerks, we understand how disruptive a power trip can be. That is why we are able to provide responsive and dedicated service to help restore normality to your home. Our team of reliable service engineers are well trained to handle any complex electrical issues. Feel free to call us today for an appointment.Call us at +65 6765 8890


Internal wirings issue

Faulty power socket / switch

Faulty appliance

Faulty circuit breaker

Overloading of power socket



















What should you do when there is a power trip?

  • LOCATE   the power circuit breaker and identify which is the switch that is down.
  • FIND  out which power outlet that switch is connected to and remove the appliance that is connected to the socket.
  • SWITCH OFF all the switches in the circuit breaker, if you are unable to identify which is the switch that has caused the trip.
  • SWITCH ON  the switches one at a time after all the switches in the circuit breaker are switched off.
  • THE ONE  that is causing the trip will remain in the off position regardless how it is being switched on.
  • REMOVE  the appliance that is connected to the socket, Once the switch that is causing the trip is identified.
  • IF all the appliances are being disconnected and the power is still tripping, there might be some issues with the wires internally. It would be advisable to call in an electrician to take a look.

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