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Is your auto gate particularly noisy or unable to open or close fully? Does it tend to get stuck midway? If you have experienced any of the above situations lately, it could mean that your gate is due for servicing and repair.

At Fixwerks, we offer troubleshooting, repair and installation services for automatic gates and their motors. Whether you have a sliding, swing or telescopic gate, call us at +65 6765 8890 now to book an appointment!

How can we help?

At Fixwerks, we have a team of experienced and professional service engineers. No matter the brand or model of your automatic gate, our team will be sure to repair it efficiently and effectively. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Types of Auto Gates

Swing Gates

Black swing gate and mechanism

Swing gates are typically a more cost-efficient option as compared to sliding and telescopic gates. However, they require a larger space as the gates open inward.

A common problem faced by property owners with this type of gate is the inability to open the gate fully.

Sliding Gates

Black sliding gate

Sliding gates are ideal for properties where space is limited.

Servicing and repair are necessary for this type of gate when derailment or misalignment occurs.

It is also necessary to contact a professional to replace the rollers as they will experience wear and tear over time.

Telescopic Gates

Red telescopic gate

Telescopic gates are a type of sliding gate. They have 2 or more panels and each panel is stacked in front of the other when opening.

Rocks and other forms of debris that get stuck on the track could prevent the gate from opening or closing fully.

Misalignment and derailment are also common problems.

Why Choose Fixwerks?

Trusted Service Provider

Fixwerks is a reliable and trusted repair and maintenance service provider in Singapore. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our customers at all times.

Experienced & Expert Team

Our team of repair engineers are experienced in fixing and installing appliances and equipment of all major brands and models.

Islandwide Repair Services

Fixwerks is dedicated to providing an efficient and effective solution to your appliance and equipment repair needs regardless of your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An auto gate typically has a life expectancy of approximately 10 years. Within these 10 years, you can expect to service your auto gate at least once or twice.

Depending on the frequency of use and maintenance of the battery, gate motor batteries can last up to 2 or 3 years.

Your auto gate may open on its own due to a variety of reasons. Some reasons include:

  • Limit switch settings

Limit switches will control how far your automatic gate opens or closes. When the gate has reached the open or close limit, it will stop moving. However, when the settings are faulty and your gate fails to hit the limit, your gate may open or close on its own.

  • Remote control frequency

Interferences with your gate’s remote control frequency can cause it to open or close on its own. Additionally, identical frequencies can mean that another person’s remote also controls your automatic gate.

  • Motherboard malfunction

While uncommon, a motherboard malfunction can cause your auto gate to open by itself. This may occur regardless of whether your motherboard is old or new.

If you notice your automatic gate opening or closing on its own, you should contact us for troubleshooting and assistance.

There could a number of reasons why your gate remote is not working properly:

  • The remote control battery to your auto gate could be flat.
  • The power supply to your auto gate may be off.
  • You could have a faulty motor or damaged motor cable.
  • An electrical joint may have come into contact with water.
  • A control panel fuse could be blown.

You should seek professional troubleshooting services to find out the reason behind the malfunction.

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