Cabinet / Door Repair

Cabinet / Door repair services in Singapore


Fixwerks has a reliable team of service engineers that is able to provide you peace of mind services so that you need not worry when such small things fail. Our service engineers will go the extra mile just to ensure all these problems will not cause you any more inconvenience.
Cabinets and doors repair are not uncommon in Singapore. It is frustrating when these little things fail to work properly in our homes. From sliding doors to kitchen cabinets, it is not surprising to have a broken lock or a loose hinge.

How can we help?

Nowadays it is getting more difficult to find a reliable and customer-oriented handyman in Singapore. At Fixwerks, due to our wide spectrum of services provided, we are able to upkeep with the rising labour cost and ensure a high level of standard from our service engineers. That is why you may rest assured that we will do a good job right the first time. Feel free to call us today for an appointment.

Types of Cabinet / Door Repair

Cabinet drawers


The sliders in the drawers may fail sometimes, causing the drawers to get stuck or unable to close properly. We are able to repair the identical sliders in the drawers and if necessary, we will replace a new set. Our service engineers repair or replace any drawer knobs as well.

Cabinet doors


Does your cabinet door looks like it is dropping? The hinges in the cabinets may be too old and rusty and as a result, unable to hold the cabinet door properly. The handle and knobs of the cabinet doors may sometimes be loose and requires repairs or replacements.

Toilet cabinet doors


The toilet cabinets are usually below the basin and when there is some leakage from the tap or basin, the water might seep through the cabinets and cause the hinges of the doors to be rusted. Over time, the hinges may start to fail and will definitely require repair or replacement.

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