Ceiling Fan Repair

Ceiling Fan Repair in Singapore


Do you experience situations in which your ceiling fan does not turn on? Or is your fan particularly noisy or wobbly? These are signs that it needs to be repaired. Our team at Fixwerks can help you repair or install a new ceiling fan.

We offer an array of solutions designed to solve your ceiling fan problems. This includes general troubleshooting services and repair services for accessories such as light and speed switches and remote controls. To book an appointment, call us at +65 6765 8890!

How can we help?

Our team at Fixwerks is experienced and professional with regard to providing ceiling fan repair and installation services. Regardless of the brand or model of your ceiling fan, our team will be able to solve your problems quickly and effectively. Contact us today!

General Troubleshooting Services

Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Blurred image of ceiling fan moving

Is your ceiling fan wobbling significantly? The ceiling bracket could have been mounted poorly during your previous installation or the fan blades could be unbalanced. You should consult a professional like Fixwerks to determine the cause of the wobbling.

Noisy Ceiling Fan

Silver ball bearings

If your ceiling fan is constantly making cranking or grinding sounds, there could be a problem with the fan motor or ball bearings. Our team can help to determine the cause of the noise and repair the fan for you.

Slow Ceiling Fan Speed

Electrical wires

Is your ceiling fan constantly stuck at speed 1 or 2? This could be the result of faulty electrical components inside the fan. Let our team at Fixwerks determine the cause of the slow fan speed before recommending a proper course of action.

Repair Services For Accessories

Light / Light Switch

White three-way switch on a white wall

There are a number of reasons why the light fixture on your ceiling fan is not working properly. A broken light switch, damaged light sockets or loose wiring could be the cause of the fault. As repairing this may involve electrical wiring, you should leave it to a professional to handle.

Speed Switches / Regulators

Switches with speed regulator

Faulty internal electrical components in your speed regulator or issues with the internal wiring could cause your switch to stop functioning properly. We can help you to fix your speed switch or regulator swiftly so you can resume your activities as quickly as possible.

Remote Control

Woman sitting on the floor cross-legged holding a remote control

Are you experiencing difficulties turning on your ceiling fan or changing its speed with the remote control? If you have changed the remote control battery but there are still problems, there could be an issue with the receiver unit. Our experts can fix this problem for you.

Why Choose Fixwerks?

Nationwide Services

We offer ceiling fan repair and installation services across the entire Singapore island. Our team will be at your location at the earliest time possible so that your fan can be up and running.

Experience With Major Brands

At Fixwerks, our team is experienced and equipped to fix all major brands and models of ceiling fans.

Repair Warranty

As we believe in providing high-quality services to our customers, we provide warranties of up to 12 months for all our repair services so you can have greater peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

While ceiling fans can be repaired, it is more important to find out the cause of the problem before making a decision.

It could be more cost-efficient to replace your ceiling fan entirely instead of repairing it.

Contact us for reliable troubleshooting and repair services today!

The ceiling fan may not function properly at certain speeds due to a faulty capacitor.

Additionally, the fan may not be able to start running despite turning it on. You may start the fan manually by giving it a slight push. However, this is not a permanent solution.

Thus, you should contact us if you encounter these problems so that we can diagnose and fix the problem for you!

Electricians do provide repair services for ceiling fans as the issues may be related to electrical wiring.

It is important to ensure that your electrician is licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to carry out electrical services.

Contact us for licensed electricians that provide ceiling fan repair services today!

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