Drilling Services

Drilling Services in Singapore

Do you need to drill a hole in your walls?

Drilling holes into your walls for some home decoration or small installations may appear to be an easy task.

However, in order to prevent unnecessary damage to your walls, you’ll need more than just a drill. You must have the right drill bit and technique.

At Fixwerks, our handymen are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to complete your home improvement project safely. 

Having served numerous customers throughout the years, we’re recognised as one of the leading handyman service providers in Singapore. We can handle all kinds of drilling projects, ranging from the simple fitting of shelves to wall mounting installations.

Reasons to Hire A Professional For Your Drilling

Prevent injuries

Drilling often requires extreme caution and patience in order to avoid mistakes and prevent severe injuries.

As handymen are familiar and well-trained with the relevant machinery, they can complete your drilling works quickly and safely.

Prevent any potential damage

If you’re not careful or familiar with the drills, you may cause some unwanted damage to your furniture and structures. 

A professional is skilled and experienced in handling these projects. Thus, they’ll ensure that no harm is done to your walls or any other critical structures and wirings.

Types of Drilling Services

We’ll ensure that your furniture and decor are properly installed onto your walls. We can also give you advice on the finest solutions for your home improvement projects and complete them efficiently!

Here are the different situations where you may require drilling services.

Curtain rods and blinds installation

Curtains and blinds are used for a variety of reasons, including decoration and privacy. Drilling holes for the installation is necessary to get them up and ready for use. 

Engaging our skilled experts can help you complete the task quickly and efficiently.

TV bracket installation

Flat-screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular among households since they’re lighter and can be mounted onto the wall.

However, it’s important to install your TV bracket carefully, or otherwise, it may collapse to the ground even with a little push!

Framed paintings and pictures

When it comes to hanging your paintings and photographs, taking measurements and drilling are 2 crucial steps that you must take. 

 You’ll thus need a skilled handyman to ensure the best aesthetics for your property.

Shelf installation

Shelves are excellent for both storage and boosting the aesthetic value of your home. As they’re often heavy and bulky, it’s recommended to entrust the job to our professional handymen to prevent any injuries!

Why Choose Fixwerks?

Reliable and professional services

Our experienced team provides exceptional support with our 1-year service warranty. We’re equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to complete your work successfully.

Nationwide coverage

Fixwerks operates islandwide in Singapore. You can easily schedule an appointment at your convenience and we’ll simply travel down to your requested location.

Transparent pricing

At Fixwerks, you can be assured of quality services and transparent prices. You’ll be informed of the cost and scope of our services before the start of any repair work.

Customer Reviews

How can we help?

We have a team of knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced handymen who will ensure that your drilling works are completed efficiently.

Contact us at +65 6765 8890 or [email protected] to book your appointment now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! However, we’d strongly recommend you to engage the help of a professional if you don’t have: 

  • any safety equipment,
  • the right drill bit size or
  • any experience drilling through walls in a sturdy and straight manner.

The cost of these services will differ depending on the scale and complexity of your installation. 

Contact our team of professionals now to get an accurate quote! 

The duration will vary according to your requirements it can take as short as 20 minutes for a  simple project or as long as 3 hours to fully install a TV wall mount.

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