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Fixing broken doors or a clogged toilet bowl may seem like easy, do-it-yourself tasks that you can handle yourself over the weekends. However, they can be challenging and even dangerous. Leave it to our team of professionals to fix your issues safely and efficiently!

At Fixwerks, we offer a wide range of handyman services including plumbing, carpentry, drilling, electrical services and installation and repair of electrical appliances. You can book an appointment with us by calling us at +65 6765 8890.

How can we help?

We strive to be a one-stop platform for all your repair needs by providing you with an array of handyman services designed to target different problems. Our all-rounded, expert team is dedicated to providing you with reliable maintenance and repair services so you can have greater peace of mind. Contact us for an appointment today! 

Our Handyman Services

Electrical Services

Grey light switches on black wall

Are you looking to install or repair new light fixtures or power sockets in your home? It is crucial that you contact professional electricians to help you with your task as working with electricity can be incredibly dangerous.

Plumbing Services

Person installing a tap onto a sink

Plumbing issues can be a huge concern for homeowners. Clogged drainage could lead to a terrible stench in the house and pipe leakages could mean water wastage and higher bills. To help you solve these issues, we provide plumbing services for kitchens and washrooms.


Wooden cabinet with black varnish and decorative furniture on top

As your furniture gets older, you may encounter problems such as broken hinges or difficulty closing your cabinet doors. Our expert handyman can offer carpentry services such as repair work for sliding doors, cabinet drawers and cabinet doors.

Electrical Appliance Repair

Air conditioner on wall

Are your appliances old and in need of repair? We specialise in repair works for various types of electrical appliances including air conditioners, wine chillers and washing machines. We are also able to fix appliances of different brands and models.

Electrical Appliance Installation

Zoomed in image of oven and stove

Whether you are moving into a new home or simply replacing your old appliances, we can aid you in the installation process. Our professional technicians can install a range of electrical appliances including stoves, water heaters and wine chillers.

Drilling Services

Drill with nails and blueprint

You will need to drill holes to mount fixtures onto your walls. Our team can help you with the drilling and installation of various fixtures including wall shelves, kitchen racks, curtain rails, paintings and tv brackets. For your safety, we will ensure that they are sturdy and properly installed.

Why Choose Fixwerks?

Dedication to our Customers

At Fixwerks, we strive to provide the best services and quickest response to your home repair needs. Our team will pay close attention to details and ensure that we provide the best solution to your problems.

Range of Services

We offer an extensive range of handyman services including electrical, plumbing, carpentry and drilling services. We also provide repair and installation services for all brands and models of electrical appliances.

Transparent Prices

As we seek to be transparent in our dealings with customers, our prices are free of any hidden charges. We ensure that our customers are well-informed of all charges and costs before any maintenance or repair work begins.

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

A handyman is equipped with the right skills and tools to complete a variety of repair and maintenance jobs safely and efficiently.

It is especially important to hire a handyman for tasks that involve electrical wiring as attempting to fix it by yourself can be dangerous.

You can contact us to book an appointment for our handyman services today!

These are some qualities of a good handyman:

  • Punctuality with regard to both job deadlines and appointments
  • Listening to your task requirements and needs
  • Honesty about their knowledge, skills and capabilities

While there is no single license for a handyman in Singapore, one must have the relevant licenses to perform certain services.

These are the 2 main licenses a handyman in Singapore should have:

1. PUB plumbing license

This license certifies that the handyman is allowed to provide complex water service and sanitary plumbing works. You can refer to the PUB website for more information on licensed plumbers.

2. Electrical worker license

Electrical services in Singapore can only be provided by a licensed electrician. For more information, you may refer to the EMA website on licensed workers/installation licenses.

Fixwerks is able to provide repair and maintenance services to customers residing in any part of Singapore.

Contact us to book an appointment today!

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