Wall mounting installation services in Singapore


Paintings, drawings and expensive ancient artefacts are some of the wall mountings that people like to hang on the walls. However, to make sure that the wall mountings are done properly, you will need a professional handyman to have it installed.
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Whether it is a brand new television or some kitchen racks that you wish to install on the wall, you can definitely count on Fixwerks to do a professional job for you. Our service engineers are well trained and reliable so you may rest assured that they will do a good job. Feel free to call us today for an appointment.

Types of Wall Mounting Installations


Shelves on the wall are useful for decorative and storage purposes. It may seem like an easy job but without the proper tools and equipment, the shelves that is installed might not be sturdy and may collapse if not installed properly.

Kitchen Racks


Kitchen racks are mounted on the wall to maximise the space usage and store any utensils or cutleries neatly. It comes in various designs and sizes to suit different themed kitchens.

Paintings / Drawings


Many who admire art would like to hang their paintings or drawings on the wall. In order for the paintings or drawings to look nicely hang on the wall, you will need a professional hand man with proper tools and equipment to drill and install the painting or drawing.

Television / Audio devices


There are more people nowadays that would like to hang their television on the wall to maximize the space on the television console. However, drilling on the concrete wall may be a tedious job and it would be better to get a professional handyman would be able to settle the installation of your television on the wall. This would include audio devices such as speakers for home entertainment system.

Curtain Rail


Curtains not only provide privacy to the occupants within the house but also block unwanted sun rays from entering the house. We are able to repair or replace any faulty curtain rail. If you are thinking of a new installation of curtain rail, our service engineers are also able to provide that.

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