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At Fixwerks, we understand how much inconvenience a faulty microwave may bring to your hectic life. Our professional and well-trained service engineers are ready to help you diagnose and solve your microwave problems. There are no microwave problems that we cannot solve; it is only a matter of whether it is economical to repair or not. Our service engineers are honest and they will advise you on the most economical solution to your microwave problems.

Microwave repair in Singapore is very common due to the high frequency of usage in many household. The convenience of heating up food so quickly and efficiently makes the microwave almost indispensable in the kitchen of most homes. Inevitably, like most appliances that have been utilised frequently, breakdowns are very common. This includes microwave not heating and sometimes even microwave having no sign of power at all.
Types of Microwave Repair Singapore
Microwave repair includes many different types ranging from microwave not heating to microwave no power. Most of these repairs can be done on the spot. Here are some of the possible types of microwave repair.

Microwave not heating

This is the most common issue that most people face with their microwave. There are many reasons why the microwave is not heating. For most cases, the microwave seems to be running normally; turntable is turning, light bulb is lighted and count down timer is counting down. However, when the food is supposedly ready, it is not heated at all. The fault may lie in one of the following.
  1. Magnetron is faulty
  2. High voltage capacitor is faulty
  3. High voltage transformer is faulty
  4. Fuse is blown
  5. PCB failure

No sign of power

Having no sign of power to your microwave is very frustrating. LED panel not lighting up and the internal light bulb not lighting up are some symptoms of a microwave with no sign of power. Try plugging the microwave into a different power socket to confirm that it is a microwave failure.
  1. PCB Failure
  2. Fuse is blown
  3. Wall socket has no incoming power

Sparks can be seen

Having sparks in the microwave is common and it does not necessarily mean that your microwave is malfunctioning. However, most people panic the moment they see sparks in the microwave. Conversely, one should remain calm and switch off the microwave immediately. Sparks in the microwave may be due to one of the following reasons.
  1. There are metal utensils inside the microwave when turned on
  2. The cover of the wave guide is damaged
  3. The high voltage diode might have been shorted
  4. Food splatters may also be the cause of sparks

Microwave turntable not rotating

When the microwave is turned on and heating, the turntable is supposed to rotate simultaneously. If your microwave turntable is not rotating, it might be due to the following reasons.
  1. Turntable motor is faulty
  2. The drive bushing of the turntable motor may have been worn off
  3. PCB failure

Control panel not responsive

All microwaves come with an electronic control panel. This control panel is the platform for all users to communicate with the microwave. Unfortunately, these control panels might become unresponsive at times. This may be due to prolong usage or normal wear and tear of aged product.

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