Oven Tripping The House


Has it ever happened to you that, the minute you tried to switch on the oven the power of the whole house tripped? It is quite an annoying situation. You try and reset the fuse box, but the same happens again on turning the oven on.

There is nothing to be worried. You just need address this problem immediately. It is best to seek help from experts like us, as it can be quite dangerous to fix if you’re not a trained and experienced professional. Before calling us for the help, it is necessary to know whether the house trip happens as soon as you start the oven or does it happen when a particular function on the oven is used. In case, the house trips when you try and use a particular feature, then the problem is not with the circuit or the wiring, but with a faulty component linked to that specific function in the oven, which can only be fully understood and rectified by our team of highly qualified technicians.

Possible Causes of the Oven Tripping

Oven tripping is the most common repair for households with ovens. There are reasons why the ovens trip and it is always advisable to call in an oven repair service engineer to diagnose safely on what is causing the oven to trip. Our team of professionals will follow a thorough step-by-step procedure to figure out what the problem is and will find the best solution as soon as possible to avoid the oven tripping the house. Here are some possible causes for oven tripping.

Problem with the circuit

If there are other appliances connected to the same circuit as the electric oven, then our expert will unplug all those other appliances and will check to see if the oven still trips the circuit. If this solves the problem, great! But in case if the same problem exists, then our experts will check and measure the current power load on the circuit when the oven is switched on, and if the power load is higher, they will suggest you upgrade the circuit. The expert will also check if the problem exists because of the faulty circuit breaker. He also checks if there is any damage to the insulation of the circuit wires. In case there is a problem with the circuit wiring, they will replace it.

Problem with the oven power plug or the wiring.

To inspect the problem with the oven power plug or the wiring, our experts will measure the current when the oven is switched off. In case, the oven is off, and it still gives the reading of more than 0.3A, it is a clear indication of damaged wiring. They will check and replace the power plug immediately if there’s any soot or faulty wiring to ensure that you can use the oven like before without worrying about the trip.

Problem with the terminal block
With time, the terminal blocks deteriorate and ultimately replaced if they are not in the workable condition. Our team of dedicated specialists knows exactly how to position the links so as to avoid the oven tripping the house.
Problem with the oven components
Sometimes the oven tripping the house is a problem caused by the electric oven heating elements itself. To figure this out, our oven repair service team of experts will identify the exact cause of the problem and will replace the damaged heating element(s) if necessary.


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