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Fixwerks is a leading home appliance repair company. Our service engineers are well equipped and trained to handle all types of gas stoves. Whether it is an ignition problem or the stove having problem holding the fire, our service engineers will definitely provide you with the most economical solution. Most problems can be repaired on the spot unless a specific part needs to be replaced.

Stoves or cooker hobs are a basic necessity in all household kitchens. From cooking of instant noodles to a sumptuous meal for the family, the stove is definitely an integral appliance in the kitchen. Due to the convenience that a stove brings to every household, the consequence is catastrophic should a stove stops working. Having this convenience that we often take for granted stripped off us will definitely bring much discomfort to our daily lives.
Types of Stove Repair Singapore
Stove repairs are relatively common in Singapore due to it being the most commonly used household appliance. However, there are not many problems when it comes to a faulty stove. Here are some of the possible problems for a faulty stove.

Ignition issues


Ignition switch faulty
This is usually the main reason that causes the stove not to ignite. It is caused by improper maintenance of the stove. The internal connection may be faulty and as a result, causing the circuit to be incomplete and unable to ignite.


Ignition pin faulty
The pin is a white piece installed within the hob. The pin is prone to chipping off when accidentally hit. Once broken, the spark will not be supplied to the hob and as a result, the stove will be unable to ignite.


Step up transformer faulty
The step up transformer provides voltage to the ignition pin on the surface of the stove. If the step up transformer is faulty, no voltage will be supplied to the ignition pin and the stove will be unable to ignite.


No battery
This is only applicable to stoves that are operated by batteries. The battery used is usually C / D size. It can be found underneath the stove in the battery holder casing. Some battery holders are on the stove surface and these batteries used are usually AA in size.


Ignition switch faulty
The ignition switch controls all voltage supplied to the ignition pins. As time goes by, due to wear and tear, some of the switches may become faulty by fusing together. This may be caused by dirt, oil or broken wires which may have short circuited. This will result in a continuous supply of current to the ignition pin which causes it to keep sparking.


Ignition pin faulty
The ignition pin may sometimes be interfered by moisture or dirt. This will cause the ignition pin to spark continuously. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the stove will help to prolong the lifespan of the stove.


Step up transformer faulty
The transformer might be faulty when the wires inside get fused together after prolong usage. This will cause a constant supply of current to the ignition pin, resulting in a continuous sparking of the stove.

Flame issues


Burner holes choked
The holes of the burners will occasionally be choked by grease, dirt and food. This will cause the gas to be blocked which results in the uneven distribution of flame.

Burner plate deformed
The burner plate may be deformed after prolonged usage as it is constantly under high heat. When the burner plate is deformed, the holes will not be properly sealed. This will result in improper channelling of the gas which results in the uneven distribution of flame.


Burner hob holes choked
If the internal gas holes are choked, it will require a certified service engineer to open up the stove to clear the choke. The flame will depend on the severity of the choke in the burner hob.


Low gas pressure
The internal gas holes may be partially choked which cause the gas pressure to be low. The flame size is directly proportional to the gas pressure. A low gas pressure will result in a small flame.

Gas issues

Internal gas pipe leak
The internal gas pipe usually leaks due to corrosion. The corrosion is caused by moisture from over spillage of water or cleaning of the stove. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the stove will help to prolong the lifespan of the stove.

Connection joints leak
The connection joints of the gas hoses and pipes may become loose by accidental movement of the gas hose in the cabinet below the stove. This rarely happens but when it does, it is extremely dangerous as the gas may fill up the entire cabinet and might have a small ‘explosion’ when it is ignited.

Gas leakage
The leakage of gas will fill the entire cabinet below the stove or within the stove itself with gas. When ignited, this gas will burn off all at once, causing a small ‘explosion’ with a boom sound. If you are encountering such an issue, it is advisable to get it fixed immediately.

Incomplete combustion
This usually happens when the stove is switched off and a ‘boom’ sound is heard. The remaining gas internally is being burn off after the stove is switched off.


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