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We at FIXWERKS cater for all broken convention ovens throughout Singapore. We are available in almost every town and could access any part of the country where a customer needs their conventional oven repaired. We have a very skillful and professional team of certified technicians that are always ready to assist you get your faulty oven back in good shape. We specialize in all types of convention ovens from Belling, Brandt, Samsung, to Vonshef just to name a few. Whether home or commercial, we got you covered.

Who we are ?

At FIXWERKS, we have dedicated ourselves to give you exceptional quality service to repairing your kitchen oven regardless of your model leaving you with a better functioning appliance. We offer our outstanding services to both homeowners and restaurants and it’s all about expertise as far as your oven is concerned. We take pride as a leading oven repair service provider throughout Singapore with unmatched excellence.

We value our customers’ needs and understand them therefore providing them with cost saving services and getting them back on track in no time. We have a great record of doing our work to a point of great satisfaction as your time and convenience is as well significant to us.

Our highly skilled technician will get your oven to work in no time. Most of the repairs are done on the spot after inspecting the device, however, unless additional parts are required for repair then it will some rime but your oven will be in good shape in no time.

  • Convention ovens are among one of the most trending kitchen appliances in the market today. It is considered as the smaller version of the standard oven. Apart from its size, the conventional oven is considered advantageous because of its effectiveness and speed of cooking, energy efficient as well as cooking food in a healthier manner without ultimately compromising the taste.

  • With convention ovens, food is cooked faster and more evenly as compared to other ovens. It maximizes on its internal fans that spread hot air continuously over the food you are baking or roasting. The fan is motor driven that is mounted between its inner and outer housing. It has a timer that does control the heating element as well as the fan. On the control panel, it has additional control options to ensure maximum output of the oven.

Helpful tips for handling your oven

We acknowledge that at times, these ovens might develop some hitches or faults; there is no need for panic or alarm. It is expected of any appliance! In light, we offer tips to our customers of how to maintain their convention ovens to enable them avoid glitches that were avoidable.

Well, here are some of the most common complains that are associated with convention ovens.

  • Oven won’t turn on
  • When it turns on, it shuts off immediately
  • No heat brought up
  • Fan is faulty

When you have similar problems, you need not to panic at all. These are just common problems that we sort out with no time as soon as we step in your kitchen. We immediately asses and solve the issues, and get your oven working again!

Why pick us to do your convection oven repair?

Our repair costs are very convenient and affordable as well as our services are conducted in the most professional manner.

We are very responsive to our customers and avail ourselves in n time from the moment you place your request. We ensure we deliver a well done collaborative job between your needs and our technicians expertise.

Our technicians are very professional and courteous and will give good and professional advice to yo o better ways of maintaining your convention oven.

We hold a proven track record as well as high quality standards in doing the right job and ensuring that our customers are a happy lot.

With unmatched quality and customer satisfaction, we believe we are the ultimate conventional oven service provider you have been looking for.

It is our word that you will be satisfied with our work and resume with your convention oven working perfectly fine.


Heating Issues

Heating element broken
Every oven have different number of heating elements depending on brands and models. When a heating element is working properly, it should glow red when the oven is switched on. For most ovens, only the top heating element is visible as the bottom heating element is embedded below the bottom casing of the oven.

No incoming power
There is no power supplied to the heating element and this may be due to faulty electrical wires from the wall socket or the oven itself. Usually when there is no incoming power, other auxiliary functions (i.e. light and fan) of the oven will not be able to work as well.

Thermal fuse faulty
This problem is usually caused by prolonged usage of the oven. In general, ovens should not be used for more than 2 hours continuously without having any breaks in between. The thermal fuses are used as a safety component to prevent overheating. As such, when the thermal fuses are faulty, there is a break in power supply to the heating element.

Selector switch faulty
When the selector switch is faulty, the power connection to the heating element is broken. This problem may be due to physical wear and tear of the connection surfaces in the selector switch.

Thermostat faulty
The thermostat controls the temperature of the oven and when it is faulty, it will not be able to regulate the temperature of the heating element.

Timer faulty
Some ovens are designed to be controlled by the timer. When the timer is faulty, no power can be supplied to the whole oven.

PCB failure (Electronic ovens only)
This is the least likely to happen and when it does, only the oven manufacturer has the correct parts to replace.

Top / Bottom heating element broken
This will cause the oven to heat up only at half the heating capacity. As such, the oven will not be hot enough.

Thermostat faulty
When the heating thermostat is faulty, it is unable to monitor and feedback the temperature accurately. This will result in the heating element being cut off too early before the temperature reaches the pre-set value.

Poor connection
The wires in the oven may be worn out over time depending on the usage of the oven. This is not very common but when it happens, the connection may become loose and thus, causing the heating element not to heat properly.

Top / Bottom heating element broken
This is very obvious when the food is only cooked on either the top or bottom side.

Thermostat faulty
The heating thermostat is faulty and is unable to control the temperature of the oven accurately.

Internal fan faulty
This will cause the heat dispersion in the oven to be poor and as a result, some parts of the food will not be as cooked or even burnt.

Temperature Control Issues

Thermostat faulty
This is the most common reason why the oven is overheating. The heating thermostat is not regulating the temperature of the oven and thus causing the heating element to continue heating even when it passes the pre-set temperature.

Main thermal fuse faulty
The main thermal fuse is a safety component meant to cut off the heating element when the temperature goes over a certain temperature.

Heating element failing
This is due to physical wear and tear of the heating element. It usually happens only after many years of high frequency usage.

Wrong oven setting
This is also a possible reason especially for those using the oven to cook. Check out some of the oven settings explained in this article.

Electronic Issues

No incoming power
The power supply from the wall socket might be faulty.

Main thermal fuse faulty
The main thermal fuse is a safety component in the oven meant to cut off the power when the oven overheats. If the oven main thermal fuse is faulty, it may cause the power supply to the oven to be cut off.

Selector switch faulty
The selector switch might be faulty thus not being able to distribute the power supply to the rest of the oven.

Bulb blown
This is the most straightforward and common reason for the oven to have no light.

Selector switch faulty
The selector switch may sometimes be burnt due to high current flow and as a result, breaking the power supply to the light bulb.

Oven fan faulty
This may be due to physical wear and tear.

Selector switch faulty
The selector switch may sometimes be burnt due to high current flow and as a result, breaking the power supply to the fan.

Foreign object blocking fan
This may happen when the fan / heating element mounting becomes loose and blocks the fan.

Oven timer faulty
Some ovens are timer controlled so when the timer is faulty, the whole oven will not be able to turn on.

Earth leakage
Ovens will trip if not used often as there may be an earth leakage. The leakage is usually from the heating element.

Component short-circuit
A component in the oven might be shorted and thus causing the oven to be shorted.

Broken wire
The wires in the oven may sometimes get burnt due to the high current drawn. These broken wires may cause the oven to be shorted.

The wall socket may be overloaded if many appliances are connected to it together with the often. This will usually cause a high current surge and trip the whole house.

Common brands of Oven in Singapore



An oven can last for up to 15 years, depending on how often you use it and how you maintain it. However, the humidity levels in Singapore may cause the oven to trip if it isn’t used frequently.

If you experience power trips or other issues with your oven, contact Fixwerks for assistance today!

There could be many reasons why your oven is not heating up. This includes:

  • A broken heating element
  • A lack of incoming power due to faulty electrical wires
  • Faulty selector switch
  • Faulty thermal fuse
  • Faulty timer
  • Faulty thermostat
  • PCB failure (only applicable to electronic ovens)

Get help from our professional technicians to identify the cause of the issue!

Repairing an oven can cost anywhere between $100 to $200+ including a call-out charge. Get a quotation from us!

It’s usually cheaper to repair an oven rather than purchase a new one, especially if your oven is relatively new. However, if you’re constantly encountering problems with your oven and in need of frequent repair services, it may be time to buy a new oven.

Before deciding on whether to purchase a new oven, contact an experienced repair company like Fixwerks to diagnose the issue with your oven and seek their advice.

Our team is able to repair all major brands and models of ovens. This includes brands like:

  • AEG
  • Ariston
  • Brandt
  • Bosch
  • DeLonghi
  • Electrolux
  • Indesit
  • Kenwood
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • SMEG
  • Teka


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