5 ways to maintain your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the most hardworking appliance in the house. It helps to keep our food cool and most importantly, it helps to prevent the growth of bacteria. We all know how important this appliance is but do you know that refrigerators do require some form of ‘servicing’ and maintenance as well?

Getting a reliable refrigerator repair service for your broken refigerator might be troublesome so why not prolong the lifespan of your refrigerator? Here are 5 ways that you can maintain your refrigerator to extend the lifespan.

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1. Condenser coil needs to be cleaned regularly

The condenser coil will get dirty due to dust and this will affect the efficiency of the refrigerator cooling system. When the refrigerator cooling system is not efficient, the compressor will overwork and it will be a matter of time that the compressor breaks down.

The condenser coil will get dirty due to dust


Simply remove the refrigerator external vent cover which is usually found behind the refrigerator and vacuum all the dust found in the area. It would be advisable to switch off the refrigerator first.

2. Do not overload the refrigerator

The refrigerator needs to have proper air flow circulation internally for it to be efficient. If the refrigerator is overloaded, the items may block the cold air circulation and this may result in the refrigerator being not cold enough.

Do not overload the refrigerator


Spread out the amount of groceries being bought each time or purchase to a bigger capacity refrigerator if necessary.

3. Ensure proper ventilation around the refrigerator

The refrigerator needs to have proper ventilation around it so that the heat generated from the cooling system may be dissipated to the surroundings. When this does not happen, the refrigerator cooling system will be running inefficiently and this may lead to possible failure of equipment.


Plan properly before purchasing a refrigerator. Ensure there is sufficient space around the refrigerator for ventilation.

4. Ensure door seal is tight

The door of the refrigerator must always be closed tight to prevent hot air from entering the refrigerator. The door gasket is responsible for keeping the doors closed tightly. If the door seal is not tight, the refrigerator will end up running continuously and this will cause an increase in energy consumption.

Ensure door seal is tight


Check whether the door seal is tight regularly. If the door seal is found to be loose, replace a new door seal from the supplier by providing the model number of the refrigerator. If the door seal is no longer in production, purchase a door strap instead to seal the door tightly.

5. Clean any spillage immediately

According to waste and junk professional Luke Hancock from Bin There Dump That rentals, if there is any spillage of raw meat juice or liquid content in the refrigerator, be sure to clean it immediately. This is to prevent any propagation of bacteria and foul odour.


Never place any liquid content into the refrigerator with no lid cover. Be careful when handling any container with liquid content in and out of the refrigerator.

We hope these tips will help maintain your refrigerator in good running condition. In the unfortunate event that the refrigerator breaks down and you require a reliable and experienced refrigerator repair service engineer, feel free to contact Fixwerks to get it repaired.

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