Guide To Buying a Dryer in Singapore

Even though we live in a tropical sunny island, Singapore, we still find ourselves considering to buy a dryer at home due to our busy work schedules and the erratic sunshine or rainfall weather here. Just bought a new home and thinking if a dryer should be part of your appliance shopping list? What should you look out for in buying a dryer and what are the considerations one should have before purchasing one

Some common brands of dryers in Singapore: Beko, Whirlpool, Candy, Elba, Electrolux,  Bosch, Teka etc. Each brand and model has it’s own unique feature and you will need to decide on your budget and needs to purchase a suitable dryer for yourself.

Prices for dryer can vary depending on the functionality, type and capacity. Not forgetting the brand plays an important role in the price game as well. European brand dryers tend to be more lasting but more expensive as well. Dryers has evolved much from the conventional vented dryer into a high energy efficient heat pump condenser dryer. You can expect a entry level dryer to start from $450 and a high end dryer to cost more than $2000. With the advancement in technology, you can even purchase a washer-dryer! But in this article, we will only be discussing on a standalone dryer.

Check out Fixwerks’s infographic below for dryer shopping guide.

If you are now planning to buy a new dryer, you can visit Yeobuild HomeStore. They have the best dryers you can have now in Singapore.

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