Choosing the right refrigerator: 5 questions to ask

Using this guide ensures you select the correct fridge before spending a substantial sum as they are more points to consider other than cooling.

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1. Space

Start by measuring your kitchen space as you don’t want more fridge than you have room for. Always leave at least 50mm gap at all sides for adequate cooling and air circulation. Leave enough allowance for the doors to swing open whether for single or french door design.

For built in fridges, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for recess size as under sizing can pose problems in the long run.

Kitchen Space

2. Food Arrangement

Do you cook often or use the fridge for storing food for the next day? If it’s the former, look for fridges with larger freezer storage to store your week’s worth of groceries. For the latter, fridges with adequate levels of storage are more suitable. Always consider what items you will be storing before purchasing a fridge.

3. Budget

Fridge pricing can range from S$700 to S$4000 depending on functions and size. Once you have ascertained the points above, look for a fridge that is within budget as most manufacturer warranty covers parts for up to 3 years.

Common part failures such as electronic boards are expensive to replace once warranty expires so opt for extended warranty whenever possible.

4. Energy

Refrigeration efficiency is determined by how much power it consumes to reach a certain temperature. Two types of refrigerant are available in the market namely R600A and R134a. With regards to energy saving, R600A is 17-18% more efficient than R134a.

Do consider that your fridge compressor is not running 24/7 as it shuts down once the fridge is cool enough.

Refrigeration efficiency

5. Maintenance

Maintenance for fridges are just as important as air conditioners. Dust and debris buildup can cause a drop in cooling efficiency. Do consider the following points before your purchase.

*R600A is more efficient however, it is a flammable gas which means future repairs can only be done at the workshop.
*R134a has a slightly lower cooling efficiency but is a non-flammable gas hence maintenance can be done without hassle.

According to appliance and plumbing experts My Plumber, the right unit for you will balance the right configuration, appropriate size, energy consumption, efficiency, and style.

The average household uses the stove up to twice a day

Using this guide ensures you select the correct fridge before spending a substantial sum as they are more points to consider other than cooling. 

If you want to find the right refrigerator for your home, Yeobuild HomeStore has a vast collection of available refrigerators.

For professional maintenance as well as diagnostic for your refrigerator, contact Fixwerks to engage their service engineers.

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