Possible causes to why your Oven is NOT hot

The oven is the heart of cooking or heating meals. With the oven not heating properly, your entire day’s routine can get affected, and it might hinder your cooking plans. Repairing an oven can seem like a big task, but once you understand the basics of how an oven works and its parts, you will discover how easy it is to inspect the common causes of the oven not hot. It is an extremely common problem that comes with many warnings, so it’s better to know about the possible causes and look for the probable solutions before it gets worse.

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Check the heating element

The most common reason of oven not hot is the faulty heating elements. The oven has two types of heating elements, one on the top known as the broil heating element, and one on the bottom known as the bake heating element. If you notice the color and texture of either one, you will easily notice that it’s damaged or in perfect condition. A heating element that is in perfect condition glows bright red. If you notice that either one or both of the heating elements has gone bad, you need to replace it with a new set of heating elements. That’s where we come in. Our reliability scales from an initial assessment of the problem to its required solution, in this case – replacing the heating elements, all carried out by trusted and licensed technicians.

If the broil element has burned out, it will be damaged and clearly visible to our technicians

Check for electrical issues

If you’ve already replaced your oven heating elements and still the oven is not hot, there might be an electrical issue. You will require a voltage meter to scrutinize the wires that lead to cornered input of your heating element. Determine if there is a bad wire or loose connection that is causing your element not to work. And if you’re still unsure about this simple procedure, give us a call, we will get back to you in a matter of hours and provide the service to fix and prolong your oven’s life.

Inspect temperature sensor

Many electrical ovens have a temperature sensor that audits the temperature inside the oven consistently. If there is a defect in the sensor, it can easily cause your oven to not heat at all. You will need to replace the temperature sensor immediately before you lose your day’s work and cause any further damage to your oven.

Inspect temperature sensor

Check the thermostat

The oven control thermostat is placed in the main control panel and is responsible for controlling both the broil and bake elements. A malfunctioning thermostat produces too much or too little or no heat at all. Thus, call an expert to check the thermostat and rectify the problems if any.

Our professionals are experienced, licensed and efficient and provide emergency services for electrical appliances at your doorstep. Our specialists will inspect your oven thoroughly and detect the problem and accordingly suggest the treatment. If your oven is not hot and that’s ruining your meals, give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you seven days a week.

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