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Experts Explain How to Detect a Gas Stove Leak and Methods to Prevent It

When properly installed, a gas stove is easy and convenient to use. However, it’s prone to gas leaks which can cause negative reactions in humans and pets. Furthermore, leaving a gas leak untreated increases the risk of an explosion.
In this article, learn how to detect a gas leak from experts and methods used to prevent one.

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17 Bakers and Cleaning Experts Reveal Their Tried and Tested Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Oven

It is crucial to keep your oven clean and maintain hygiene. This brings about several benefits including making your food taste better! We have approached 17 bakers, cleaning experts and DIY professionals to tell us their tried and tested tips to clean and maintain their ovens.

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Buying a Dryer in Singapore Guide

Just bought a new home and thinking if a dryer should be part of your appliance shopping list?
Each brand and model has its own unique feature and you will need to decide on your budget and needs to purchase a suitable dryer for yourself.
To help you, we put together a dryer shopping guide so you can get the best dryer for your home today!

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Wine enthusiast? 5 tips on how to prolong your wine chiller lifespan

Wine chillers are expensive but with the correct maintenance and tips, their lifespan can be prolonged to last a good 10 years.
Here, we share 5 tips on how you can extend the lifespan of your wine chiller!

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Choosing the right refrigerator: 5 questions to ask

Choosing the right refrigerator for your home can save you significant cost and hassle in the long run.
This guide features 5 considerations you need to make before making this purchase.

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Seek Experts Help If You Witness Oven Heating Unevenly

Whenever you try to cook something in your oven, it fails to cook evenly and the dish may be burnt on one end while undercooked on the other. In this article, we share some reasons why this happens.

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