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Consumer Preferences

Because of the current situation, necessary precautions and steps are taken to ensure everyone's safety while dining. Investing in certain technology and solutions, together with modified operating processes is a must for every food business, at the same time, consumers’ expectations are as high as ever.

With all the additional costs to run a restaurant at this day, it is a challenge to keep prices affordable for your market at the same time. Investing in technologies to make sure that daily operations are running efficiently and smoothly is now a must-have for all in the foodservice industry.

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Extremely high rental and operating costs, including the global shift to e-commerce-centric services, going digital is a standard in today’s businesses, especially in the food industry.


$6.4 billion USD

The worth of Hotel Restaurant Institutional sector
and expected to grow by 2.1 percent by 2023.

$6.4 billion USD

The worth of Hotel Restaurant Institutional sector
and expected to grow by 2.1 percent by 2023.

This is a study from 2020 on customer expectations which is simulated on a large sample size with varied demographic and psychographic characteristics. As you can tell, excellent customer service is a name maker, no matter what your industry. It helps grow revenue, maintain customer loyalty, and improve your overall business strategy.


As human beings we have a natural desire to be recognized as unique, valued individuals.
Instead of being identified by a ticket or case number.

Your Trusted Repair & Maintenance Partner

The service industry is a relationship based business, that being the service provider and the customer or partner. Like all relationships it functions primarily on the foundation of TRUST.

We as a company believe that by earning our customer's trust we can build bigger and better relationship bridges. By striving for greatness and achiveing it in a consistent basis we are able to build rapport, which then bolsters reputation.

We believe that doing good and honest quality service is the basis for why our partners and customers trust us to this day, and it is why we continue to strive for Excellence.

Our Services

As a Repair company, Fixerwerks constatantly strives to provide customers with the best repair solution. We offer a wide range of repair services to cater each and every business industry.

Our experienced technicians will alwasys try to repair the problem first before suggesting replacement.This mindset allows our partners to save more in the long run.


Our electricians are highly experienced and licensed to provide a wide range of electrical services to solve all your business' problems. We strive to be the most recommended and reliable handyman service provider by being prompt and professional in all our tasks.

Appliance Repair

Cooking Appliances: Stove, Cooker Hood, Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher
Cooling Appliances: Refrigerator, wine chillers, freezers
Laundry: Washing machine, dryer
Bathroom: Water heater


At Fixwerks, we understand the inconvenience caused by a plumbing issue at home. Our experienced service engineers are trained to provide you with the assistance you require for all your plumbing needs.

Carpentry Services

From the building and construction of structures to the replacement and repair of furniture, our team at Fixwerks is able to provide you with the best carpentry services in Singapore.

Handyman Services

Need a Handyman? Someone to repair or install your new fixtures? We do it professionally and effectively. Sit back, relax and leave the mess to us!
aircon repair

Aircon Servicing and Repair

Fixwerks repairs all types of aircons quickly and effectively. Feel free to call us to fix an appointment.


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