Terms and Conditions

In Accordance to the Works done as stipulated, the followings are the

Terms & Conditions governing our LIMITED WARRANTY:

1) Complaint will not be attended for unpaid and non full payment. Hence Balance or Full Payment must be paid upon complaint visit.

2) Warranty does not cover parts and materials faults unless otherwise stated and likewise does not cover LABOUR if Warranty for Part ONLY is stated.

3) In the event of a complaint occurring, this should be duly informed within 24hrs of the fault. Otherwise our liabilities shall be void. All complaints can only be executed during office hour. If customer engages other company to execute the complaint, the warranty and liability shall be void.

4) Liabilities subjected to non-tampering whatsoever and only to the specified point of works and any other complication or complaint arises even at adjacent point are not acceptable.

5) We are not liable for any damages, losses or inconveniences during the period of service. Hence the customer must exercise adequate supervision and keep all valuables. Our Personnel will be honest, careful and considerate. Any losses shall be reported to Police immediately.

6) All Deposits received are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any cancellation or demand for discount is a BREACH OF CONTRACT AND OBLIGATION.



8) Our Company will execute work in accordance to the by-law, However if customer request to execute work according to

their instruction, all liabilities will be void and at owner own risks.

9) All work costing must be agreed upon before commencement thereafter dispute on price is a violation of obligation.

10) The Company normal charges apply only during office hours: 9am to 5pm. Any work before or after office hours shall be considered as



11) The company is not liable for any damages or losses after our Personnel left the workplace. Customer must check before allowing our staff to leave.
12) Other than checking and transport charges, any work above $100 would require a CASH DEPOSIT of 50% upon confirmation.

Cash cheque is acceptable. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.


Special Reminder Clause:

a) During Warranty period Transport Charge $10 is payable.
b) All price quoted and agreed upon is subjected to parts availability.
c) After confirmation and deposit, no discount or cancellation is allowed.
d) Please be reminded that all repairs executed are subjected to the understanding that Fixwerks is not responsible for unfortunate unforeseen
circumstances of subsequent breakdown of other parts or circuitry.

e) All warranty for parts only are subjected to a minimum labour cost of $60.