At Fixwerks, we understand the inconvenience when you face a plumbing issue at home due to leakages or clogged drainage. Our service engineers are experienced and professional to provide any assistance you require for your all your plumbing needs.

Residential plumbing can be an issue for many homeowners and are mainly split into two categories: Sanitary and kitchen. Sanitary plumbing issues can mean clogged drainage or leaking water pipes leading to a horrendous mess or smell in the bathroom. Kitchen plumbing involves mainly sink fixtures and drainage which are highly susceptible to choking due to food remains or foreign objects. A leakage can result in high utility bills and wastage of water hence it is advisable to rectify all plumbing problems as soon possible.

Types of Plumbing Repair

Plumbing services include repair and replacement of plumbing or sanitary fixtures. Clearing of chokes or stopping leakages. If you are experiencing any plumbing problems feel free to contact us today at 6765 8890 to make an appointment.

Washroom Plumbing


Is there a leak in your toilet bowl or bidet? Or is that shower head giving a low water pressure? Don’t let that leaking basin or tap damage your toilet cabinets or leave an ugly leak stain on the floor. We do all sorts of repairs and replacements for toilet bowls, shower systems, basins and taps.


If you notice the flow rate of water draining is very slow, the basin drainage or floor trap is probably choked. For floor traps, try opening up the top layer and remove any hair or particles trapped. If the flow rate still does not improve, it is most probably a choke in the pipe system.


Leakages from pipes are common for very old and rusted pipes. If your pipes are leaking, it would be advisable to resolve it as soon as possible to prevent other complications such as broken false ceiling boards and corrosion of other metallic items near it.

Kitchen Plumbing


The kitchen sink is very important for households that cook often. If the installation of the sink is not done properly, the cabinet below the sink will be damaged over time. If you are experiencing any leakage problems, feel free to contact us.


By pouring leftover oil or small food particles into the sink while washing your dishes, pipes will get choked over time. If you are experiencing slow flow rate of water or if the sink is completely choked, feel free to contact us and our professional service engineers will resolve the problem for you in no time.


If water pipes in the kitchen leaks, it will be chaotic and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Most pipes in the kitchens are concealed within the cabinets and when there is a leak, the appliances or utensils in the cabinets will be damaged.

Laundry Plumbing


The drainage of the washing machine might sometimes be choked due to foreign objects being stuck in the pipes. This needs to be resolved soon before it floods the laundry area and cause damages to the surrounding items.

It is not uncommon for blockage to occur in the wet balcony drainage because the top layer of the floor trap is usually opened and foreign objects may drop into it. If you require any help with clearing the choke, our service engineers are able to clear any chokes in no time.

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