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At Fixwerks, we understand how inconvenient it is when your washing machine fails leaving your pile of clothes smelly and unwashed. Our washing machine repair service engineers are experienced and professional to provide any assistance you require for your washing machine.

  • Washing machines have become an appliance every household cannot live without. The process of washing clothes by hand is arduous and time consuming. Life is made easier with the invention of washing machines. As with any appliance, a washing machine can malfunction or fail to work leaving you stuck with a pile of soiled laundry. Due to their constant usage, components are more susceptible to failure hence requiring troubleshooting or replacement of parts.

    Some of the washing machine brands that we commonly service include Samsung, Electrolux, LG, Bosch and Whirlpool. Because our technicians are experienced in servicing these brands, we will be able to fix them quickly and efficiently.

  • Types of Washing Machine Repair

    Washing Machine Repair Singapore includes various factors such as washing machine not spinning or drainage failure. Most of these repairs can be done on the spot.

    Fixwerks is one of the top reviewed washing machine repair companies in Singapore because our engineers are well-trained and also provide quick and efficient repair services for your customers.


Motor Issues

Drive Belt Broken
The belt to drive drum rotation is subjected to heat and continuous loading from the motor. Over time, wear and tear, the belt may snap or get stuck between the drum and motor causing the washing machine to run but not rotate.

Motor Coupling Broken
The coupling acts as a direct connection between the motor and transmission. Over time and repeated use, the coupling may break or fail causing the motor to malfunction.

Drive Motor Faulty
Drive motor fault can be detected by humming or buzzing sounds coming from the motor.

Drive Pulley Damaged
The pulleys can accumulate buildup of grease or dust over time causing them to be stuck or distorted preventing the motor from functioning.

Tub Bearings Faulty
The tub bearings allow the drum to rotate when the motor runs. Faulty bearings will cause the motor to overload or stop functioning.

Electronic Issues

PCB Faulty
The PCB controls the individual components of the washing machine. Power surges can burn the components causing the washing machine to malfunction.

Starter Switch Faulty
The starter switch controls the main functions. A faulty switch will prevent the washing machine from functioning.

Door Switch Faulty
A safety feature found on all washing machines which acts as a lock before the washing machine will start. A faulty door switch will prevent the washing machine from functioning.

Capacitor Issues
A faulty capacitor prevents the motor from starting properly limiting the usage of the washing machine.

Fuse Faulty
Faulty fuse will stop power being supplied to the washing machine causing it to malfunction.

Water Related Issues

Drain Pump Faulty
Drain pump may fail over continuous usage causing water to fill up in the drum. Clothes or bearings may be stuck causing the impeller blades to seize.

Drainage Hose Blocked
 Lint and other foreign objects may block the drainage hose causing drainage problems.

Water Inlet Valve Faulty
A faulty inlet valve will mean water does not get cut off when it reaches the desired level. This causes the drum to be completely filled with water.

Filter Catch Area Blocked
The filter collects foreign objects during washing to prevent the washing machine from being damaged. These foreign objects may block the drainage hose.

Hose Fittings Damaged
Inlet and outlet water supply fittings may be damaged causing leakage.

Seals Damaged
Main door seal may loosen or harden over time. Using a high sud washing detergent will cause water to leak from the door.

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