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Water Heater Installation and Repair In Singapore

No more cold showers!

At Fixwerks, we understand the inconvenience when your water heater fails, leaving you stuck with cold water. Our service engineers are experienced and professional to provide any assistance you require for your water heater installation, replacement or repair.

  • Water heaters are commonly installed in homes to supply warm water to the bathroom or kitchen. Although not a mandatory appliance, failure of water heaters can pose an inconvenience to users when warm water is required.

    Fixwerks provides repairs for storage and instant water heaters, and our technicians are experienced in repairing a wide variety of brands including Joven and Ariston.

  • We also provide affordable water heater replacement and installation services. These are ideal if your water heater is beyond repair.

    If you are experiencing problems with your water heater or looking to install one, contact us today at 6765 8890 to make an appointment!

Our Services

Water Heater Repair

Person repairing a water heater


It is normal for water heaters to encounter issues after a few years. Thus, our team is equipped in repairing your heaters regardless of the issue faced.

Water Heater Replacement

Person turning knob on water heater


You may need a replacement if your water heater is beyond repair. Our technicians are able to remove your old heater and do a replacement within 2 hours.

Water Heater Installation


If you don’t have a water heater currently, you might be interested in installing one. Fixwerks is skilled in installing different types of water heaters to suit your needs.

Types of Water Heaters That We Can Repair and Install

Storage Water Heater

Storage Water Heater


Storage water heaters consist of a tank that is used to store water. The water is then heated up and dispensed when in use. 

This heater can store up to 35 litres of water and is therefore suitable for families.


  • Consistent temperature
  • Suitable for rain shower
  • Suitable for families


  • Bulky
  • More expensive
  • Limited water supply

Instant Water Heater


Unlike storage water heaters, instant ones do not store water. There is a limitless water supply from the pipeline and the water is heated up instantly.

This is the most common option in Singapore homes.


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Limitless water supply
  • Suitable for families


  • Initial outflow is not heated up
  • Not suitable for rain shower

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Heater

Type Of Heater

Water heater in toilet


There are 2 main types of heaters: instant and storage. Most homes in Singapore opt for an instant water heater. However, if you are not sure which one is better suited for you, our team will be able to advise you based on your unique requirements.

Location Of Installation

Water heater in a bathroom


The location refers to the type of residence you live in; the more space you have, the more options you have. If space is a limitation, we would advise going for an instant heater as it is more compact. 

Durability And Maintenance

Person adjusting water heater


Typically, storage heaters can last for 8 – 12 years while instant heaters can last for 10 – 15 years. You are highly encouraged to get your heaters checked every 3 – 5 years for maintenance purposes.



Whether you are getting a storage or instant heater, it is important to check the warranty period and coverage provided by each brand. Storage heaters tend to have a longer warranty period for its parts.


Water heater installed in a blue bathroom


When it comes to installation, storage heaters are usually cheaper to install. However, instant heaters are more energy efficient, which would help to save on utility bills. 

Common Water Heater Issues That We Can Repair

Heating Issues

Water Heater Heating Element

Due to a possible lack of power supplied to the heating element, it may cause a faulty fuse or loose connections.

Faulty Heater Thermostat

The thermostat controls the power supplied to the heating element. A faulty thermostat will cause the water supplied to be cold or too hot.

Heating elements may fail over time resulting in uneven heating or no heating to incoming water supply.

The dryer motor is unable to jump start rotation causing the heater to malfunction.

A water heater consists of two heating elements; if one fails, the heater can only provide warm water for a short duration.

Crossing of Hot and Cold Water Connections (Heater)

Improper plumbing can result in water incorrectly supplied to the heating element.

Water Related Issues

The temperature and pressure valve controls the pressure buildup in the water tank. A faulty valve may cause damage to the tank or major leakages.

Plumbing connections

A loose pipe connection or faulty pipes due to corrosion can cause leakages.

Damaged tank or loose connections to the input and output of the tank can cause leakages.

Corrosion from sediments or the sacrificial anode on the heating element can cause the water output to be brown or rust-coloured.

Sediment buildup on the bottom of the tank can cause overheating of the tank bottom and boiling to occur.

The decay of sacrificial anode causes bacteria to form, emitting a pungent smell from the tank.

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